Become A Tour Guide

Unlike a conventional tourism company, we care about developing people and enhancing knowledge with all kinds of stakeholders we deal with; and a prime stakeholder in our business is the tour guide, that makes our experiences from ordinary to extra-ordinary. As a business, we are in constant need of skilled and non-skilled tour guides that can accelerate our guests experiences. Therefore, we have developed a unique tour guide training program for residents of Qatar where they can not only enhance their knowledge about Qatar’s sights but also, develop their interpersonal and soft skills.

Once signed-up as a tour guide with 365 Adventures, we aim to keep the connection established and hire tour guides on a call-off basis. Moreover, our tour guides are constantly invited to tour guide meet-ups hosted by us.

Currently, we aim to offer following tour guide trainings:

Stage 1: Basics of Tour Guiding

This training covers:

  • The art of greeting
  • Ice-breaking tips
  • Basics of Qatari culture
  • Basics of Arabic language (for non-Arab speakers)
  • Resources for tourism in Qatar and how to use them
  • First Aid & CPR training


Stage 2: Tour Guiding Specifics

This training covers:

  • History of all tourist sights in Qatar
  • Representation of Qatari culture


Stage 3A: Desert Tour Guiding

This training covers:

  • Professional dune bashing with 4×4
  • Getting out of the Desert if stuck
  • Desert essentials
  • Camping 101


Stage 3B: Sea Tour Guiding

This training covers:

  • Kayaking
  • Life-guard training
  • Essentials of water sports
  • Swimming


To apply as a tour guide with us, please email us with your updated resume to and subject line “Application for Tour Guide in Qatar”.