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Best Beaches in Qatar

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In the past two decades, Qatar has become a tourist hotspot. Besides amazing history and architecture, this country also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Here’re the 15 best beaches in Qatar you should definitely visit.

1. Fuwairit Beach

fuwairit beach

For those of you who want to enjoy the clear turquoise sea of Qatar on a remote location away from the city – Fuwairit Beach is where you want to go.

Fuwairit Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Qatar, especially by westerners. It’s located north of Doha and is a beautiful public beach in Qatar. Fuwairit is a fantastic destination if you’re a kite surfing enthusiast and are looking for a nice place for swimming. You’ll also enjoy walking around exploring the beautiful rock formations.

There’re no hotels at Fuwairit, so you’ll have to pack everything you’ll need.

Fuwairit Beach is closed between April and July because the Hawksbill Turtles are nesting, so make sure it’s open when you’re planning your vacation.

2. Inland Sea Beach


inland sea qatar

Inland Sea (Khor Al Adaid) Beach is located in the south of Qatar, around an hour and a half ride away from Doha. It’s well worth the long drive if you want to take a thrilling ride on the sand dunes.

This place especially attracts travelers who want to enjoy the nature and diverse wildlife of Qatar. This area is under UNESCO protection, so you know that the long hour and a half drive from Doha is worth it.

The beaches at the Inland Sea are really beautiful and a popular place for tourists, visitors, and locals. You can enjoy the silky sand and crystal clear water at Khor Al Adaid. This is the ideal place for camping, stargazing, fishing, and enjoying the unspoiled desert nature.

During July and August, it gets melting hot at the Inland Sea, so make sure you visit this place during the milder seasons.

3. Sealine Beach

sealine beach doha qatar

If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway from the thriving urban life in Doha, Sealine Beach is just what you’re looking for. Sealine Beach has more than 58 luxury villas and no shortage of facilities.

Sealine Beach offers the widest variety of activities in the country of Qatar. Desert expeditions, coastal pursuits, water sports, speed boat rides, desert safari, camel, and horse rides are lead by professional tour operators and are available for all visitors.

If you want to get a taste of one of the finest cuisines in Qatar, make sure you visit the Sealine Beach Resort. What’s more, Sealine Beach has many spa and fitness centers, making this the perfect place for your next vacation.

4. Azerbaijani Beach

azerbaijani beach qatar

Azerbaijani beach is located in the north-east of Qatar, around 1 hour drive away from Doha. This is a very popular destination for both tourists and locals. Because Azerbaijani is so popular, you can expect that it’ll be crowded most of the time. We recommend taking a trip to Azerbaijani in the early morning or evening if you want to avoid the crowd.

At Azerbeijani you can enjoy the fine sand and turqoise water. The waters in this are are shallow, so it’s a perfect spot for your children to play around. As for adults who want to swim, this may not be the ideal place because you’ll have to go quite far to reach knee-deep water.

5. French Beach

French Beach is a public beach located north from Doha. It’s a popular destination for westerners, so don’t be surprised if you see women wearing bikinis. It’s accessible through Al Shamal Road and you won’t have any trouble getting there.

french beach qatar

French Beach is very clean and it’s a perfect choice for a family day off. The view is beautiful and the waters are shallow so your kids can play around safely. It’s also a nice spot for adult who want to swim or enjoy the hot Arabian sun because it’s less crowded than most beaches in this area.

However, there’re no facilities here, so you’ll have to pack everything you need.

6. Maroona Beach

Maroona Beach is located in the North-East part of Qatar, 80km from Doha. This family beach has no noisy restaurants and luxury hotels. Instead, its main advantage is soft golden sand and shallow warm sea with cristal clear water.

Here you can enjoy family walks, swim in the warm and gentle turquoise water, or have romantic picnics in the sunset. Unfortunately, there’re no facilities at this place, so you’ll have to bring everything you need with you.

Maroona is easily accessible by car and you won’t have any trouble finding it. It’s better to come early in the morning on weekends to find a comfortable spot and enjoy the view.

7. Zekreet Beach


zekreet beach qatar

Zekreet Beach lays is a more remote location – in the peninsula on the west coast of Qatar. This is one of the best beaches to visit in Qatar if you want to enjoy the beauty of untouched nature. You may be able to see some wildlife like gazelles, deer, and ostrich here. Zekreet is also a fantastic spot if you like watersports like kite or windsurfing.

Zekreet Beach is more than just a nice swimming spot. You can take a walk around Zekreet and enjoy the view of the unique rock formations and visit sites like the lost city. Another attraction in this area is the Richard Serra Art Piece that’s located in the desert.

8. Umm Bab Beach

Located in the west of Qatar, Umm Bab is a unique palm tree beach and a popular attraction for tourists. With the fine sand, palm trees that provide shelter from the hot Arabian sun, and no hotels to speak of, Umm Bab is a camping enthusiast’s wet dream.

umm bab beach qatar

Umm Bab beach is the perfect destination if you want to spend time with your family away from town. Even though there’re no hotels, this location offers many facilities such as play zones for kids and BBQ broils.

The best time to plan a vacation at this beach is during spring or autumn because, in summer, it gets melting hot. However, if you’re traveling to Qatar during summer and want to visit this beach, the ideal time is in the early morning or late evening.

9. Katara Beach

If you’re staying in Doha and are looking for a lovely beach to spend your day – Katara is the perfect destination. Among all the beaches in Doha, Qatar, Katara is the only public one. The entrance fees are a bit pricey. However, compared to the price of a one-day pass to one of Doha hotel’s private beaches, the entrance fee at Qatar Katara Beach is reasonable.

katara beach

For the price of QR100 for adults and QR50 for children, you can spend a whole day at this place. What’s more, you also get a chair with an umbrella and gain access to the play area and sports activities that are offered here.

If you aren’t a fan of sunbathing the whole day, you can take a walk through the beautiful Katara cultural village, hire a pedal boat or kayak, visit one of the many restaurants at the Katara beach, and try out the diverse cuisine.

10. Al Thakira Beach

al thakira beach

Al Thakira Beach is one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in Qatar. Located 60km north of Doha, Al Thakira is the perfect place for family gatherings. You can take a walk along the coastline and enjoy the beautiful Arabian sea view or take a kayak ride to take in the breathtaking biodiversity of this beach.

There’re many benches and play areas at this location, which makes this place ideal for an excursion with your family. What’s more, at Al Thakira’s shore, you have a stunning view of one of the largest mangrove reserves in Qatar.

11. Four Seasons Beach

Four Seasons Beach lies on the shore of Doha and is part of the Four Season Hotel. You gain entrance to the majestic pools and beach the Four Seasons Hotel has to offer for a fee. There’re many facilities and activities this beach has to offer, so you can easily plan a whole day at this location.

four seasons beach qatar

This is the perfect place to spend your day alone or with your family. You can have fun with your kids at one of two family-friendly pools or enjoy your days off under a private cabana at the Four Seasons Beach.

12. Qatar Simaisma Family Beach

The Simaisma family beach is the perfect place to get away from the busy city life in Doha. However, if you’re looking for something luxurious, this isn’t quite the place you’re looking for.

simaisma beach

Located just 45km north of Doha, Simaisma is one of the top choices for family vacations in Qatar. The kids can play in the sand and enjoy their day at the playground.

Shaded areas, playgrounds, toilet facilities, soccer pitch, and drink outlets in the village nearby make this beach ideal for a hassle-free day off with your kids.

13. Al Wakrah Beach

al wakrah beach

Al Wakrah beach is located 10km south of Doha and 15km from the center of Al Wakrah, a small fishing town. Wide and sandy, this beach is ideal for family walks. The view on this beach is magnificent. The golden sand is getting lighter and softer as you approach the Arabian Gulf so there will be no shortage of breathtaking photographs you can take.

The calm and shallow water is safe and ideal for kids to play. However, swimming is not advised. Kids can also play at playgrounds near golden shores, and this family beach is a nice spot for barbecue grills and picnics.

14. Al Khor Family Beach

The Al Khor Beach is located near Al Khor village and is totally family-oriented. This is really the place you’re looking for a family vacation.

al khor beach

This place has everything you need for a day od with the whole family. Benches, playgrounds, barbeque grills, toilets, and showers are available for visitors. The sand is perfect for making sandcastles, and the turquoise waters of the Arabian sea make this the perfect swimming and playing spot. What’s more, near the beach is a grassy area, where you can hang out and chill with your family.

15. Ras Abrouq Beach

ras abrouq qatar

If you’re an adventurous spirit, then Ras Abrouq Beach is the perfect destination for you. Just an hour’s drive away from Doha, this beach will amaze you with a beautiful lunar-like landscape and decorated with wind-sculpted rocks, far away from the busy city life.

Visiting Ras Abrouq Beach will leave you breathless, and the beauty of Qatar’s untouched nature will make you revisit next year. The perfect sunsets and mushroom-like rocks will make fantastic views for photography. You can also visit the nearby abandoned forts and wild deer reserve for a full adventure experience.

Traveling To Qatar

Qatar is a beautiful country to visit all year round. From the untouched nature, Arabian Gulf, inlets, breathtaking beaches, and unique rock formations to the busy urban life in Doha – Qatar is the country that has it all.

Is Doha Safe For Tourists?

You can’t go to Qatar without visiting its capital Doha. It’s an amazing city, and the architecture is something that’s really worth seeing.

Some people, however, are unsure whether or not Doha is safe for visitors. If you have the same thought, it may surprise you that Doha is ranked the second most safe city in the world.

Visiting Qatar For The First Time?

If you’ve never been to Qatar before but plan to, here are some basic information you should know when traveling to Qatar.


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