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Culinary adventure in the Dubai Skies

Dubai is renowned for its exceptional offerings. The city boasts some of the most distinctive structures and experiences. Amidst the abundance of restaurants, especially those of an unconventional nature, Dinner in the Sky stands out as a truly extraordinary dining adventure. Just as the name implies, Dinner in the Sky lets you savor your meal while suspended 50 meters above the ground.

Situated within Sky Dive Dubai, Dinner in the Sky features a table accommodating 22 guests, lifted into the air with the assistance of a crane. This one-of-a-kind restaurant serves lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea. As you indulge in the three-course meal, you have the opportunity to admire the city’s incredible attractions and landmarks, including the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, and more.

Dinner in the Sky offers two lunch sessions, one afternoon tea session, and three dinner sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. During lunch and dinner, you’ll be treated to a starter, main course, and dessert, while the afternoon tea session offers an assortment of savory and sweet snacks.

Rest assured, all necessary safety measures are in place for the Dinner in the Sky experience. You’ll be accompanied by a chef and a professional supervisor who will attend to your every need.

  • Operating Hours: Sunday – Saturday : 2PM – 11 PM

Important Information

  • Please arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes before the selected time slot.
  • Please dress according to the weather.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to experience Dinner in the Sky.
  • A person under 14 may participate if accompanied by an adult or at least 110 cm tall.
  • A person must be with a maximum weight of 150 kg of weight to enjoy the Dinner in The Sky.
  • Please avoid wearing open shoes or shoes without laces at the time of the experience.
  • A person under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not allowed.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited during the Dinner in the Sky experience.
  • Once the platform has already been lifted, the organizer will not lower the platform for you if you request to change your attire, shoes, etc.
  • Please click on the given link to view the food menu (Lunch / Afternoon Tea / Dinner) of our Dinner in the Sky Food Menu
  • Important Note:- 22 Pax can accommodate one sitting in Dinner In The Sky.
  • Subject to availability (If the booking is not confirm we will process the refund)


  • Dinner in the Sky entry tickets
  • The aerial culinary experience at a height of over 50 meters (As per selected option)


  • Children under 5 years will be considered as children and entry will be free of cost.
Cost of TicketsDinner in the Sky – Lunch:

AED 687  per adult

AED 687  per child

Free entry for children age 5 and below

Cost of TicketsDinner in the Sky – Dinner:

AED 780  per adult

AED 780  per child

Free entry for children age 5 and below

90 mins
Any+ Age
  • Destination

  • Return Time

  • Dress Code

    Casual and comfortable clothing and shoes