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How 365 Adventures is ensuring a safe trip for all our guests

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What an absolute adventure to live in 2022! 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a discussion on every dinner table, an icebreaker topic for business meetings as well as, in some cases, a discussion topic for students and teachers not only around Qatar but all over the world. 

Just about a year ago, one couldn’t even dream of an about-to-become global pandemic. But looking at it now, the global economy is definitely getting affected. For 365 Adventures, this is not a setback. Let this be an opportunity for us to revisit our policies. 

This is an ideal moment to communicate about what we often forget on adventure and touristic trips. We consider this situation as an experience and an opportunity to not only rectify but also inform you that safety – no matter what prospect it exists – is our top priority. 

Here is how we are making sure to keep you safe from microorganisms and health hazards during our trips:

1. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!

365 Adventures is not only encouraging but also implementing a policy of keeping the most effective hand sanitizers in the market available and utilized by all our employees, tour guides and other operators. Don’t be surprised if your guide or driver presents you with a welcoming sanitizer!

2. Knowledge and education

The coronavirus not only requires you to just be cautious about your surroundings in order to be safe; we are providing free comprehensive information provided by authorized sources such as the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar to educate all our guests prior to their departure – along with the confirmation email.  Watch out for more information as the journey begins!

3. Avoid crowds

We are best-known in Qatar as the newest, hippest, youngest, coolest among all – especially with the mind-gripping events we hold. We want to ensure you that we have now set new safety standards towards shared trips, Seat in Coach tours and regular set departure trips. 

We ensure maximum safety by:

  • Limiting the car capacity of our Desert Land Cruisers to 5 passengers per car instead of 6, in case of set departures and SIC tours 
  • Cutting down the capacity to 90% on bus/coach tours of Groups that are not family or not traveling to Doha together 
  • Cutting down the capacity to 90% on boat trips 
  • The capacity of the overnight trip at Rendezvous camp to be set for 20 passengers at once only 
  • Capacity for any event in the desert reduced to 80%
  • Reducing the time spent at public places and malls during our city tours and avoiding rush hours and weekends

4. Cleaning and sanitization of our transport, toilets, and equipment for guests’ use

Our cleaning policy on places and types of equipment that are being used by the public is one of the finest in Qatar. This includes cleaning before and after of tents, kayaks, car seats, boats, buses, toilets, sleeping bags not only efficiently but also effectively using the right combination of frequency and quality of cleaning. 

While the whole world talks about how dangerous this new situation is – we want to not only encourage our loyal customers and guests to follow authorized websites for information on the virus – but also, share information on how we as a compatible Organization take care of everything within and beyond our capacity to encourage healthy and safe travels and trips for our guests.