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5 Easy Steps to Travel from Hamad International Airport

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Qatar’s Hamad International Airport, the luxurious global aviation hub, handles up to 30 million passengers a year.  A large number of travelers alone should be enough to paint a picture of the airport in your mind as busy and loud, so so YOU ARE IN for a SURPRISE!

Our airport is actually a quiet and spotless marvel to be explored if you are in for a layover or just quickly passing through.

1. Enjoy the Best International Airport in the World with Our Guide

This guide of Hamad International Airport is there to help you navigate this structural giant in order to offer you a smooth and effortless traveling experience, no matter if you are transferring, arriving or departing.

After reading this, you will be able to find all the necessary information that will aid you in navigating the airport with as much ease as possible, among which are details about check-ins and customs, what you need to do before the flight and how to move around the airport, what are the nearest access points to its beautiful loungesfood courts, and showers.

Hamad International Airport has one unique terminal that is divided into FIVE CONCOURSES (A which is located west of the check-in area, B which is located east of the check-in area, C which is located north of the check-in area, and finally D and E, which are to be found north of the check-in area, at the end of concourse C).

There are MAPS that can ease your journey as well.

2. Skip The Check-in Queue

THE GOLDEN RULE is to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight. It is worth knowing that your designated check-in opens three hours before your flight and closes an hour before it.

If you are a Qatar Airways passenger, and you are either technologically-savvy or simply do not feel up to waiting in queues (especially if you are traveling with small children), you can try the SELF CHECK-IN kiosks.

They are scattered around the Hamad International Airport’s departures check-in hall; therefore, it is easy for you to reach them and check-in. You will receive your printed boarding pass and tag(s) for your luggage.

While we are at the “self” section of the guide, you can also use the SELF-BAG DROP.

It sounds as simple as it is, and all you need to do is check-in first, then you can continue to the self-service bag drops. There are TWELVE of them at the airport, and they will spare you the trouble of waiting and tugging your luggage around.

It’s worth mentioning that there are several ways to access the CHECK-IN AREA at the Hamad International Airport, depending on what kind of a passenger you are.

If you are flying with Qatar Airways as either a First or Business class passenger, your preferred access point to the departure hall is through the Entry Gate 1.

If you are Qatar Airways Privilege Club member, your check-in counter is located in row 3.

As an Economy class Qatar Airways passenger, you can find it most convenient to access the departures hall through Entry Gates 2 or 3.

As a passenger of any other airline, you will find the quickest entrance to the departures hall through the Entry Gate 4.

3. Get through Customs & Security Quick

Whether you are transferring, arriving or departing, information about security and customs is always needed.

Bear in mind that Hamad International Airport handles over 30 million passengers a year, and the time you will have to wait in the queue while clearing the customs is arbitrary, and it depends on the number of people currently traveling at the same time as you are.

Upon your arrival, your hand baggage will be security screened and only after that is done will you be able to proceed to the baggage claim area.

Once you have claimed your checked baggage, you are able to proceed towards Customs. There are two channels to take, green for “nothing to declare” and red for “something to declare”.

4. Know the Do’s & Don’ts

Keep in mind that there is a list of prohibited items that you won’t be able to retrieve here, among those are: any kind of weapons, ammunition or firearms, radioactive materials, any kind of narcotics, alcoholic beverages and products made of pork.

A number of things that go under “SOMETHING TO DECLARE” are: an exceeded amount of currency, jewelry, alcoholic beverages, or more than 400 cigarettes.

If you are departing from Hamad International Airport, you will be required to walk through a metal detector, and to ensure that the experience is easy and COMFORTABLE, you should remove and place all your metal possessions onto a tray, as well as your wallets, mobile phones and keys and ensure that you are not carrying any prohibited items with yourself.

5. Stay Connected & Indulge your Senses

The TERMINAL has three levels and is equipped with many retail stores, a wide variety of restaurants & cafés.

Perhaps the most useful piece of information for transferring, arriving and departing passengers of the Hamad International Airport is that the Wi-Fi is absolutely free. All you need to do is search for “HIAQatar Complimentary WiFi” on your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer and sign in.

The airport also supplies its passengers with numerous iMac computers with access to the internet, which are also free and at your disposal. There are sockets in which you can plug in and charge your electronic devices.

Qatar’s recognizable love and dedication to turning the entire country into a global cultural HOTSPOT is unavoidable even at our airport.

Due to a collaboration with Qatar MUSEUMS, Hamad International Airport exhibits many sculptures throughout the airport. This alone provides the passengers with a unique experience to enjoy art while traveling.

However, if shopping suits your senses more, you will be able to go on a SHOPPING SPREE since the airport is equipped with the world-leading, renowned brands among which are Hermes, Rolex, and Gucci.

You are ready for Hamad International Airport!

All in all, our airport is entirely an EXPERIENCE OF ITS OWN – it is completely user-friendly, and even if you find yourself lost or confused by something, you can seek out staff members to assess you.

It offers enough to keep any passenger entertained, no matter how long a layover you have, or if you are simply there until your flight departs. With this guide, you are more than ready to embark on a new adventure.

Enjoy your flight!

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