Hire a local Guide


Pros and Cons of Traveling with a Tour Guide

For an independent traveler, visiting with a local tour guide can provide you with additional information and a local perspective that allows you to delve deeper into the culture you are exploring. But of course, there are a few negatives to hiring a tour guide. Weighing the pros and cons discussed below can help you decide whether hiring a tour guide suits your travel style.

Pros of Hiring Local Tour Guides When Traveling

  • You will go to secret local spots that the vast majority of other travelers will never experience.
  • You will learn about the culture and history of the place on a deeper level and from a local’s perspective.
  • You will learn about etiquette and behavior (especially important at religious sites).
  • You will be able to ask as many questions as you want.
  • You can personalize your tour to fit your interests.
  • You can choose a guide who suits you and your goals for your trip.
  • You’ll get to explore places you can’t otherwise access, or do things you can’t do on your own (like high-altitude treks, or paragliding, etc).
  • You’ll be contributing directly to the local economy when you hire a local guide instead of using a global tour operator.

Cons of Hiring Local Tour Guides When Traveling

  • The cost of tour guide hire is an additional expense, whether small or large.
  • You may be restricted to a fixed itinerary and not have the freedom to explore on your own.
  • For the extremely introverted, you will not have the personal space you need.
  • You may not meet as many other travelers (but a guided group tour can be a fantastic way to meet new like-minded travelers when solo!)
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