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Horseback Riding Course

An immersive horse-riding experience and granting you 100% of your coach’s attention.

It’s an exciting and rewarding sport – from simply learning the basics, the power of jumping, to the thrill of galloping on the beach. The precision of the dressage arena, to a leisurely ride out with friends there is something for everyone. Age is no barrier; many centres can cater for tiny-tots to riders in their 70’s and beyond.

  1. Single Course (1 Hour)

Cost: QAR 150 per person

Duration: 1 Hour

Available for single participants, ages 6 and above. No minimum requirement. 1 hour session, with dedicated horse and instructor. 


  1. Full Course

Cost: QAR 1500 per person

Duration: 12 Sessions (12 Hours)

Description:  3 x a week session


Not Included/Exclusions:

  • Meals/ Snacks
  • Transportation
  • Travel time
  • Destination

  • Departure

    Al Khor Farm
  • Departure Time

  • Dress Code