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How Safe is Doha? Useful Information & Tips

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Did you know that Doha was ranked the second safest city in the world in 2020, according to the annually updated database, Numbeo, on crime and safety index?

Hence, the statistics indicate that the situation in Qatar’s capital is very favorable, as the Safety Index rockets as high as 88.67 out of 100!

However, we are adamant that practice is more important than theory – so let’s see what’s really behind these numbers, brought to you from the first-hand experience by Qatari residents and tour guides (us).

Why is Doha an Immensely Safe Place?

We’ve decided to compile the list of reasons why Doha has earned such a high safety rating, taking into account valuable info for tourists, as well as the locals.

#1 – The transportation is risk-free.

While Qatar residents mostly drive cars and tourists opt for the taxi, there is a highly developed public transportation system, too.

When you first come here, it might seem to you that there too many cars and that everybody drives fast, but, in fact, it is just that our transportation is really well-developed.

And believe us, you’ll be grateful for that once the thermometer hits 40+ degrees Celsius and it is way too hot for a walk!

As far as cars are concerned, it is very straightforward to book an Uber or Careem taxi. They can be hailed by using the applications. The process is as easy as it can be: once you book your ride, you’ll get a fare estimate, and then you can play either by a credit card or cash.

While Uber is more popular internationally, Careem is more of a local type of service, but we want to assure you that it is equally safe and efficient. Just pay attention to some common-sense tips such as check your driver’s information, and don’t worry about the paying system – it’s completely safe and private!

But our far most popular taxi service is Karwa, which can also be booked via an application, or by calling a phone number. If you’ve ever been here, you will know what I’m talking about – these are the prototypical turquoise vehicles.

They are also perfectly safe, as all the taxi rides are metered, and you won’t get scammed. We recommend Karwa to get to the city from Hamad International Airport!

The new transportation system in our city that was launched in May last year is the Doha Metro. During the rush hour, this is the fastest way to travel around the city, from Al Khor all the way down to Al Wakra.

Since the Metro network was launched, there were no safety problems, and it’s even going to be improved by the end of 2020!

#2 – Safe accommodation for tourists.

Doha is the perfect city to stay at – there are plenty of luxurious resorts by the ocean, as well as elegant hotels in the heart of the city or near the airport if you’re here for business rather than vacation.

Thanks to its reputation as the city beaming with a tourist attraction, Doha offers everything in terms of accommodation. You can expect not only spaciousness, but also good food, clean rooms, and friendly staff. All that together accounts for a very safe stay here.

Speaking of the staff, they speak English, and will always help you with additional safety requests (such as a safe, which is available in pretty much any hotel).

If you need some help with booking accommodation for your stay in Doha, or other info concerning safety, feel free to contact us!

#3 – Low crime rates

The essential factor that contributes to the general safe feel is the fact that crime is rarely experienced here.

With the Crime Index of only 11.33, you can expect to stay crime-free in Doha.

How does it show in practice?

Simply put: the law is respected here, both by the authorities and the residents. Although cultural diversity is vast, and there is a high percentage of wealthy individuals, the situation is under strict regulations and very stable.

Therefore, you can feel unsafe only if you DON’T follow the rules everyone adheres to – but they are made to keep you safe.

Otherwise, pickpocketing, or other petty crimes, common for larger cities, don’t often happen in Doha.

Of course, you should always be careful not to put yourself in a dangerous situation, as that can happen anywhere – even when you’re at home – but the thing is, there won’t be a lot of potential for such situations in Doha.

#3 – Not vulnerable to natural disasters

Natural disasters are not a frequent issue in Doha, either, and Qatar was ranked as the least prone country to natural disasters, including floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

The same applies to Doha – you’re safe from any adverse events of that nature.

The only safety measures concerning the weather and extreme conditions here are related to heat, as the climate is relatively dry and hot winds can occur.

So, scroll further, and you’ll learn some tips about this!

#4 – Safe feeling at any time of day or night

Unlike many cities in the world that have an implied curfew, and where people are advised not to go out in the dark, you’ll feel safe in Doha at any time of day or night.

This city is vivacious, and its beaming lights, as well as friendly locals, will make you feel comfortable all the time. Actually, we advise you to GO out after sunset – there is plenty of breathtaking landscapes and incredibly illuminated buildings to see during the night.

This, of course, applies to the city center and other close areas, always crowded and bustling with tourists. 

Additional Safety Tips

Now, while we have, hopefully, established the fact that Doha is amongst the top safe places to be, we want to explain how one gets even safer here.

These are pretty simple laws, so make sure to follow them for your maximum safety, especially with regard to your health.

  • As we’ve mentioned, it can get quite hot here, so avoid direct exposure to sunlight around 12-2 p.m. It’s always better to hail a taxi, and we’ve got you covered on how to do that!
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids. We suggest getting our special local refreshing juice, made of mint, lemon, and orange blossom water.
  • Speaking of drinking – always respect the law. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in public, as well as the use of narcotics. The punishments for such behavior are severe, but that’s how Doha managed to become the second safest town in the world!
  • Don’t take photos of military buildings and other state institutions – that is unacceptable here.
  • Obscene language and inappropriate gestures can lead to you being unsafe in Doha. While the locals are usually laid-back and it is not likely that you’ll get in a fight, faulty manners can lead to arrest. Same goes for the PDA.
  • If you’re a woman who is traveling alone, you might sense that many people are looking at you. But don’t feel unsafe because of that, it is completely natural and out of curiosity. This is a safe place for women, too!


Some things are implied rather than prescribed. Your safety probably won’t be in question even if you break these, but it is better not to so.

  • Cover up and don’t wear anything provocative, as the strict dress code applies to Doha.
  • Respect our religion. There aren’t a lot of extremists here, but we take our religion and tradition seriously.
  • Keep your belongings safe. Yes, there is a low crime rate, but it doesn’t mean you should be careless about your valuable things. If nothing, they can get lost in busy places such as Souq Waqif. Use your hotel safes.

As a First-time Traveler to Doha, Don’t Forget to…

  • Pack a lot of white and light-colored clothes. It helps you keep the heat away and stay safe. 
  • Check import regulations to find out what you cannot bring into the country – among the rest, pork, weapons, narcotics, and alcohol.
  • Have fun! You’re in one of the safest places in the world, so take advantage of that.

For more info on visiting Qatar for the first time, check our article.

Conclusion: Enjoy Doha Trouble-Free

Take the usual precautions we’ve mentioned today, and you will experience absolutely no trouble in Doha.

This is a city that faces very low crime rates in comparison to other top touristic destinations, and we pride ourselves to stay at the top of both lists.

All we can say in the end is, enjoy your stay among these friendly people who will not try to take advantage of you, and in our beautiful hotels and landscape.

Until next time!

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