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Shadows travelling on the sea of the day

Add this Instagrammable Art Installation to your Qatar bucket list!

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The art scene in Qatar is constantly evolving and it’s safe to say that the country is on its way to becoming a paradise for art enthusiasts.

The public art installations in Qatar are truly one-of-a-kind, featuring the works of some of the world’s most celebrated artists.

Join 365 Adventures to experience the magic of Qatar’s newest art installation –  Shadows Traveling on the Sea of the Day

Take a peek into Qatar’s rich heritage & witness Qatar’s newest art installation

Embark on a journey to the northern part of Qatar, where it all began, and take a peek into the rich cultural history of Qatar. Start the tour at Al Khor’s harbor, the center for pearl diving and fishing in the olden times. Next, visit  Al-Thakira mangroves, one of the hidden gems of Qatar. Then go to the historical Al Zubara Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This 20th-century fort is a pristine example of a typical Arab Fort, and its one-meter-thick walls warded off invaders while keeping rooms cool during the hot summer explore the fascinating abandoned village of Al Jamil.

This Tour also offers an exciting opportunity to witness and learn about a new art installation in Qatar by the renowned artist Olafur Eliasson. This installation, titled “Shadows Traveling on the Sea of the Day,” is a mesmerizing piece that captures the beauty and magic of light and shadow. The installation consists of a series of mirrors that reflect the changing colors of the sky and sea. The mirrors are placed at different angles, creating a dynamic and ever-changing landscape of light and shadow. As the day progresses, the colors and shapes of the installation change, offering a different perspective at every moment.

Although the artwork is undoubtedly captivating from afar, its true enchantment is experienced up close, where the mirrors reflect and draw attention to the viewer. As is typical of Olafur Eliasson’s artistic style, this new permanent installation encourages visitors to reconnect with the environment and the world around them.

During the tour, you will learn about the inspiration behind the installation, the process of creating it, and the message the artist hopes to convey. This art installation is a testament to the growing art scene in Qatar, which has been gaining international recognition in recent years.

shadows travelling olafur eliasson

Other must-see art installations

Us, Her, Him

The artwork “Us, Her, Him” by French Lebanese artist Najla El Zein is located at the Flag Plaza adjacent to the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar. Made of 313 meters of intricately hand-sculpted limetone, reminds us of the importance of human connections.


Image courtesy: Qatar Museums

Doha Mountains

Symbolizing Qatar’s love for sports, Doha Mountains is an unique art installation by Swiss artist Ugo Rondino. Inspired by the Hoodoos (spires or pyramids of rock) and the art of meditative rock balancing, Doha Mountains is located at Ras Bu Aboud Beach 974 and makes for a great photo spot area.

Doha mountains by ugo rondinone

Image courtesy: Qatar Museums


“7” is the public masterpiece of American sculptor Richard Serra, prominently located in the Museum of Islamic Art and featuring seven steel plates that represent the symbolical significance of the number seven in Islamic culture. Serra is well-known for his large-scale installations in public spaces, and this sky-high structure is a breathtaking sight to behold from the inside out, set amidst a picturesque landscape by the sea and standing at a towering height of 24 meters.

7 richard serra public art sculpture

Image courtesy: Qatar Museums


East-West/West-East is Richard Serra’s second installation in the Middle East and the State of Qatar, situated about 60 kilometers away from Doha. The stunning sculpture in the Brouq nature reserve extends over one kilometer and consists of four steel plates, each towering over fourteen meters tall. Richard Serra meticulously examined the land’s topography to ensure the perfect alignment of the plates, creating a breathtaking work of art that enhances the vast and barren expanse of the desert.

richard serra public art

Image courtesy: Qatar Museums

Slug Turtle, TemplEarth

Ernesto Neto’s site-specific installation, Slug Turtle, TemplEarth in the Zubarah Desert is a tribute to Qatar’s abundant natural surroundings. The installation consists of football goal frames with a ceramic earth globe sculpture at the center, enveloped by white crocheted netting. It encourages visitors to reflect on their participation in a socio-ecological network encompassing all living beings.

slug turtle

Image courtesy: Qatar Museums


Celebrating Qatar’s considerable advancements in preserving and nurturing its natural marine life, Monira Al Qadiri’s light art installation, Zephyr illuminates the coastline of Doha with a radiant glow.


Image courtesy: Qatar Museums

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