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Man V/s Man’ah: Saudi Summer Hike

An intense hike to make friends with the rocks and forests of Mount Man’ah.

Picture this: a thrilling trail that starts high on a mountain, winding up and down into a stunning valley below.

This trail isn’t your average stroll – you’ll come across some rocky bits and twists and turns as you descend, adding an extra thrill to the journey. As you descend you’ll pass through a beautiful green hidden valley, a stark contrast to the rough mountain scenery above.

But it’s not just about the views – the rocks you’ll encounter along the way are like nature’s gems sparkling in the sunlight. As we pass through this terrain, the stories of the land and our breath will keep us company.

We pause at stunning viewpoints to catch our breath and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Tour Plan / Itinerary

  • Meet at 365 Adventures Center at Nourban Resort
  • Briefing session
  • Hike through the forest
  • Stop at stunning viewpoints
  • Explore hidden valleys
  • Photo stops
  • Head back

Routes and The Difficulty Meter:

  • Thowrayn Na’ama Route – 2 km — 3/10
  • Tala’ Route – 3 km — 5/10
  • Oqran Route – 4 km — 7/10
  • Qulut Alfeher – 7 km — 6/10

Fitness Level: Easy – Moderate*

Group size: 8-12 pax


  • Professional Trek Guide
  • Refill water point
  • Refreshments


  • Meals

There are optional add of activities you can join

  • Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner
  • Overnight camping
  • Horseback riding
  • City Tour
  • Another hike

Price point

Adult Afternoon Trips:

  • Thowrayn Na’ama RouteSAR 288 inclusive of VAT
  • Tala’ RouteSAR 345 inclusive of VAT
  • Oqran RouteSAR 345 inclusive of VAT
  • Qulut AlfaherSAR 345 inclusive of VAT
  • Destination

  • Departure

    365 Adventures Center at Nourban Resort
  • Departure Time

    3 PM
  • Dress Code

    Wear comfortable polyester clothes that are not easily stuck in plants, A small carry bag for your needs, Cap for sun protection, Sports shoes, Refillable water bottle