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Eat Like a Local!

Join 365 Adventures for a one-of-a-kind food tour that offers a peek into the essence of Omani culture through its cuisine. Omani food is a tapestry of influences from Persia, India, and Africa, each bite a testament to the country’s rich history and connections.

On our tour, you’ll step into the homes of locals and witness the preparation of time-honored dishes. Discover the role of Basmati rice as it accompanies each meal, and relish the complexity of the meat broth – a blend of tomatoes, potatoes, and aromatic spices that tell a story of flavors from different lands. At the heart of every Omani table is the iconic rice dish, expertly crafted with a medley of spices including turmeric, cardamom, coriander, ginger, pepper, and garlic.

Let Malik Ahmad Alamri, our skilled local guide, be your companion on this mouthwatering expedition. He’ll offer insights that go beyond taste, uncovering the core of Oman’s culinary traditions. Explore the stories, practices, and flavors that have molded Omani cuisine into the wonderful masterpiece it is today.

Enjoy a memorable lunch experience where you’ll not only savor authentic flavors but also learn about the cultural significance of Omani dining.

Tour Plan/Itinerary

Meeting Point: Pick up from your location within Muscat city.

  • Drive to local families house
  • Witness the cooking process
  • Learn about Omani food and culinary traditions


  • English/Arabic speaking guide
  • Pick up and Drop off
  • Omani lunch with local family

Not Included/Exclusions

  • Personal shopping
  • Additional places to visit
  • Destination

  • Departure

    Muscat, Oman
  • Dress Code

    Casual and comfortable clothing