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Omani Essentials

Experience Oman through the eyes of a local

Let’s explore together – like locals, with locals.

Oman is more than just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to be lived. The team at 365 Adventures believes that the best way to explore this gem of the Arabian Peninsula is by experiencing it through the eyes of those who call it home. This is where our local guides and Wadi experts step in, ready to share their deep-rooted connection and profound insights

Our local guides aren’t just well-versed in historical facts and landmarks; they’re storytellers who paint a vivid picture of Oman’s past, present, and future. Their stories breathe life into every corner of this beautiful nation, as they take you off the beaten path and into the heart of local communities.

Similarly our Wadi experts are more than just knowledgeable; they’re guardians of these majestic Wadis. With a passion that stems from a lifetime spent amidst wadi landscapes, they are eager to lead you to secret pools, hidden trails, and the most breathtaking viewpoints. 

Choose from our guides day tours and wadi experiences.


Mohammed Alhadi

Meet Mohammed Alhadi,  a true connoisseur of Oman’s hidden gems. With an incredible social media presence of 60,000 followers, Mohammed Alhadi has earned a reputation for curating bespoke tours to the most fascinating yet lesser known places of Oman. As an ICO Pro Canyoner, he is also known for organizing adventurous Wadi experiences which he plans keeping in mind the the clients age and physical abilities. 

From curving canyons to magical views, Mohammed’s tours show you parts of Oman that not many people have seen. He’s very passionate about finding things that are extraordinary, and he wants to take you on a journey that will change how you see this wonderful country.

Mohammed ALhadi

Abdulmajeed Al

Meet AbdulMajeed Al Ghazali, your expert guide to exploring the wonders of Oman. With a Ministry of Heritage and Tourism authorization as a General Tour Guide, AbdulMajeed brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every tour. Having graduated from Oman Tourism College with a specialization in Tourism and Hospitality Management, AbdulMajeed’s dedication to showcasing Oman’s beauty is unparalleled. His journey has been shaped by roles with prestigious names like Abercrombie&Kent and National Geographic Tours, where he honed his skills as a tourism specialist. AbdulMajeed’s influence extends to the cultural realm as a Tour Guide at the Royal Opera House Muscat. With a diverse portfolio, including roles as a receptionist at the Chedi Muscat Hotel and a Tour Guide at the National Museum, he brings a unique perspective to every tour he leads.


Malik Ahmad

Meet Malik Ahmad Alamri, a passionate tour guide and an outdoor adventurist hailing from Oman. With over 9 years of experience, Malik is a seasoned professional in providing engaging tours in English. His journey in the world of travel and tourism has encompassed a diverse range of activities, from organizing trips and culinary experiences to leading hiking expeditions, rock climbing ventures, astronomy observations, camping trips, and even cooking sessions.

Malik’s linguistic skills extend to Arabic, English, and a touch of French. His approach as a tour guide revolves around offering the utmost hospitality to his guests, ensuring they leave with smiles on their faces. He loves engaging in conversations that go beyond Omani culture and history, sharing personal experiences and interests to create unforgettable memories for all.

Malik Ahmad Alamri

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