The Birth of 365 adventures!

Not too long ago..

Wise beyond their years and unbearably funny, these two dreamers are focused on making every experience unique… Never before has the world seen two brown guys such as these two (seriously they are so brown that they never get tanned)… As you might have imagined they did not meet on a test drive to an American muscle car, but rather somewhere else. Apart from severe ADHD, the thing that separates these two men from the rest is their trouble-making and abnormal ability to discover and create experiences. They find the parts of nature that people actually care about, whatever they may be, and focus on creating and improving those parts. With desert and sea adrenaline that their own mothers describe as, “looks nice, but a little too dangerous,” these two always put together tour packages that change lives. Apart from their unique personalities and Middle Eastern good looks, they have many similarities. They each went to high-school together, enjoy majbous with lahem, and said good-bye to their day-jobs to focus on making Qatar the next hostpot for tourists.

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365 Explore

Get unique experiences by exploring over 40 destinations in Qatar with 100+ activities to do! From scuba diving to parasailing to rock-climbing to sleeping under the stars!

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365 Engage

With more than 5 years of individual experiences in corporate social responsibility, we excel at providing companies around the world with hands-on community engagement, leadership and team-building experiences.

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365 Educate

We believe in passing on the knowledge of our ancestors to our children; yet keeping the scientific research in mind. Therefore, we created 365 Educate - to offer extraordinary learning experiences for school students in Qatar with regards to outdoor education and field trips.


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