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SEAFLO Fishing Kayak SF-1007

ر.ق 2,500

The Seaflo fishing kayak is durable and designed to accommodate you as your comfortable fishing gear. Sit-on-top style with foldable backrest and especially the foot area design make you feel comfortable either sitting or standing on the boat.2 Flush rod holders, 1 adjustable rod holder, and 2 deck mount mounting brackets make the fishing convenient.

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Package comes with:

  • Kayak
  • Paddle
  • Life Jacket

Fishing Kayak SF-1007 - product info

  • This sit on top/ stand to cast and reel Fishing kayak was designed for Speed, Maneuverability, Tracking and Portbaility!
  • Take your fishing gear comfortably on board as the load capacity is up to 125 kg/ 275 lbs total.
  • Ideal platform for other water activities such as touring, snorkeling, skin and scuba diving.
  • Fishing kayak weighs in at 26.5 kg / 58.4 lbs, with a tail wheel for easy transport to the water.
  • Wider width makes it stable and safe enough to stand and cast, or reel in the big catch!
  • It comes with dual storage hatches, 2 flush rod holders, 2 deck mount mounting brackets and 1 adjustable rod holder. Accessories overload!

Available color is Gray and Orange.