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Desert Adventures

Where the Sand Dunes Meet the Sea

Desert Adventures – Sand Dunes Trips in Doha

Explore a variety of adventures to discover the Sand Dunes of Qatar at the Inland Sea. Join us in one of our Desert Adventures. Our desert safari trips start from Doha at your preferred location and take you on a ride to Mesaieed town, at the end of which lies the sand dunes desert of Qatar. The desert trip begins with a camel ride with bedouin Qatari farmer, followed by an exciting fun drive in the desert offering a unique tour of sand dunes and a chance to experience singing sand dunes. Your desert tour is unlike any other in the country with experienced and licensed 4×4 drivers.

Following our some of our most sold and best Qatar desert tour packages that will include pick up, drop off, desert safari in the Qatari desert or sand dunes of Qatar, followed by a relaxing sunset or dinner at one of our desert camps.

Talk to one of our live agents to acquire a package suitable for yourself, friends or family members.

Spend four hours exploring the desert and enjoying a memorable dune bashing experience with 365 Adventures.
Spend six hours exploring the desert and relaxing at Qatar’s inland sea with 365 Adventures.
Glamorous Camping Safari Fixed Price
Get a taste of the royal lifestyle in the desert with a regal and luxurious camping experience.
In this overnight trip, explore the desert and experience a taste of the nomadic lifestyle of the Qatari locals.
2 days, 1 night
Khor Al Adaid, located in Qatar, is a secret treasure that offers a breathtakingly beautiful experience to watch the stars.
Spend four hours exploring the desert and enjoying a memorable dune bashing experience with 365 Adventures.
Enjoy a comprehensive Bedouin experience and get a taste of the local lifestyle in the desert.