Adventure Camping

Adventure Camping in Qatar is wild camping. Let's discover the best of the Qatari deserts. Lets explore the different type of sand that we can lay and stargaze, where no lights are found. Let have a mixture of Dune Bashing to reach Inland sea or an architectural tour to the west coast and limestones formation. Challenge the weather, overcome the cold wind of Qatari desert, lets barbecue our food and have the best time with your loved one.

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Best Seasons:Winter, Fall
Popular Location:Zekreet & Inland Sea

Camping Packages

A Day out or an Overnight?
Over Night Arabian Camping in Qatar | 365 Adventures
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Over-night Arabian Camp

18 hours

Book an overnight rustic camping adventure in the dunes of Qatar along with a memorable desert safari experience. Call +(974) 33393323 for more information. ...

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