Exclusive restaurants

In a city boasting of multi-cultures, there are restaurants in doha to satisfy everyone’s palates. From juicy spiced Arabic rice and meat meals to creamy Italian pastas or even spicy Indian curries, the city of doha offers to be a just perfect melting pot to satisfy your cravings! What’s better than a hearty meal to get you started for your adventures in Qatar? With the top restaurants in Qatar you can dine with the most exotic views and adventurous experiences, whether it’s dining with a view of the sea or fine dining with a 360 view of the Doha city from a skyscraper.

From our range of food tours in Qatar, we offer authentic Qatari and international cuisine tours with a historical explanation of cultural influences of different spices and food elements on Qatari kitchen in our auspicious Qatari traditional majles set-up.

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