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Journey to Al Jabal Al Akhdar’s Blooming Rose Paradise

Al Jabal Al Akhdar, also known as “Oman’s green mountain”, holds a treasure unlike any other the Jabal Akhdar rose. Its delicate pink petals are renowned for their sweet scent, which has been cherished for generations by people within Oman and beyond. It finds its way into fragrances, herbal remedies, and even spa treatments in the Sultanate. Traditionally harvested during the months of March and April, these blossoms play a significant role in fragrances, herbal remedies, and even spa treatments in the Sultanate. Join 365 Adventures on an immersive day tour to witness the rose garden’s magical splendor and witness firsthand the meticulous process of distillation that creates the world-famous rose water.

Tour Plan/Itinerary

Meeting Point: Pick up from your location within Muscat city.

  • Drive to Al Jabal Al Akhdar
  • Roam around the beautiful Al Akhdar rose farms
  • Watch up-close the process of distilling the world renowned rose water

Length: 1-3 Km

Difficulty: Easy


  • Professional Driver
  • Tour guide
  • Pick up & Drop off

Not Included/Exclusions

  • Meals
  • Destination

  • Departure

  • Dress Code