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Sea Adventures

Jump in to the sea to cool-off your summer

Adventures at Sea – Trips and Cruises

Here in Doha Sun and Sand aren’t all we’ve got. Come join us for Adventures at Sea! If you’re tired of being stuck in the city traffic and the same old views from land, these Sea Adventures are just right for you! From tranquil sunset Kayaking to ease your mind of daily stress, Jet Skiing and Speed Boating for the ones looking for an adrenaline rush, Dhow cruise for a whole new perspective of the breathtaking skyline of Doha, and even Fishing Tours! Here is a comprehensive summary of water-sports in Qatar and sea adventures that we offer:

Kayaking in the Arabian Sea

Kayaking in Qatar is available at the Purple Island with 365 Adventures. Enhance your trip with a live BBQ experience. To book your kayaking experience, please click here.

Dhow Cruise

Experience a traditional Qatari wooden dhow cruise and dinner experience with 365 Adventures. Our dhow cruise starts from the pearl harbor (also known as the Dhow Harbor) where we sail towards the natural Safliyah Island, around 45 minutes away on a relaxed cruise from Doha City. Part of our Sea Adventures, book a day on dhow cruise and experience diving from the boat, swimming in the Arabian sea as well as optional swimming. Otherwise, book a private dhow cruise with BBQ experience in Doha city at your convenience. To book your day out on traditional Qatari dhow boat please call 33393323.

Speed Boat Rentals

Rent a Speed Boat in Qatar and enjoy this comprehensive service. Our speed boat rentals can range anywhere between 3 to 8 hours. You will be driven in style by your captain to the deep sea with fishing equipment. Of course, you can fish in the Arabian Sea and catch some Qatari Hamour as well as spot some amazing sea creatures.

Jetski Rentals

Rent a Jetski with us in Doha West Bay area. Craving a cool adventure for sunny mornings and weekends? You have reached the right place. Starting from 500 QAR per hour, we offer exclusive Speed Boat rentals. Call us now so we can also book a ride for you and ensure you have a comfortable adventure.

Yacht Rentals in Qatar

Rent your yacht in Qatar now by calling 3339 3323. Our yachts charter in Qatar offers a luxurious speedy getaway from the city. Sailing from the fabulous man made island in a poche Italian-Arabian luxury setting; our yacht is parked at Porto Arabia at the Pearl Qatar island. Seating capacity of up to 18 pax with bedrooms, TV, mini-bar, front deck and roof-top deck. All safe with life jackets. Book your yacht in Qatar now!

Book your Sea Adventures now with one of our live agents! Simply click the green tab on the bottom right of the web page to start your booking.

Fixed Price
Join 365 Adventures for an exciting day of fishing and fun in the Arabian Gulf.
Experience the bliss, exercise, mindfulness, and adventure of kayaking in the open water of Porto Arabia.
It’s more than just a board and a paddle. Experience the bliss, exercise, mindfulness, and adventure of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Scuba Diving

USD 165
Explore Qatar’s sea life from beneath the waves as you swim with the fishes at the GMC Reef.

Speed Boating

USD 124
Enjoy the open sea as you wish with a 365 Adventures speedboat and an experienced captain at your side.
Navigate through the mangrove forests at the Purple Island in a kayak and experience the wild beauty of Qatar up close.
The breathtaking views around a yacht sailing in the middle of the Arabian Gulf will make your dreams come true.


USD 165
Kiteboarding is a life learning sport. You will learn a skill that will stay with you forever.
Enjoy an Arabian twist on the popular Chinese human-powered watercraft with 365 Adventures’ Dragon Boating experience!
Ride waves and glide over the surface of the water! An action-packed adventure, a skill to add to your list.
Get ready to create unforgettable memories with our Stand Up Pedal Boards!
Enjoy, Experience, and Explore the Sea.
Navigate through the mangrove forests at the Purple Island in a kayak and experience the wild beauty of Qatar up close.