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Solo Female Travel: 10 Tips For Women Traveling To Qatar

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If you’re visiting Qatar as a woman for the first time, we got you.

Over the last 10 years, Qatar has become widely popular and searched location for tourists. In the twinkle of an eye, this country has turned into a multicultural hotspot. It carries rich Arabic history that sits comfortably alongside modern luxury.

It is unanimous – Qatar has a lot to offer to tourists who choose this location as their next vacation getaway. There’s something for everyone: from culture and architecture to tempting retail therapy.

If you are ready to give this wonderful tourist destination a chance, you will need a little help with getting around and understanding the culture.

Luckily, that’s where we come in.

Here are 10 tips for women traveling to Qatar.

Is Qatar Safe?

As a woman traveling to unknown regions, the first thing that comes to mind is, obviously, safety.

Luckily, Qatar is one of the safest places. Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or even with family, women tourists can visit this country without worry.

Qatar provides unlimited options for an unforgettable solo woman trip.

This does not mean that you can run wild. Although it is marked as a safe tourist location, a woman traveler should still take certain precautions.

As you might have guessed, Qatar is an Islamic country, and here Sharia Law is recognized. This means that there are certain rules and regulations that all citizens and visitors, regardless of their gender, are expected to obey and respect.

Fair enough. After all, this is a foreign country, and visitors should learn to respect other cultures and the rules that come with them. In essence, visitors should familiarize themselves with what is expected of them in order to be 100% safe.

Tips For Women In Qatar

We are slowly getting to the key part, which are concrete tips that women need to know before they arrive at this wonderful location. To help you feel safe and be able to observe the beauty of this country to the fullest, here are our top 10 tips.

1. Winter: The Best Time To Visit

morning, dawn, sunrise

Who would’ve guessed?

The months between November and March, which most tourists spend at home, are actually the best time to come and visit Qatar. During these 5 months, the temperature is ideal: during the day, it varies between 20°C to 28°C (68°F to 82.4 °F), while during the night, it drops to a breezy 12°C to 14°C (53.6 °F to 57.2 °F).

If your first thought was summer, pause that thought!

The temperatures during the summer in these Arab countries are extreme for some visitors, and they can reach 40°C (104° Fahrenheit), which is probably unbearable for most people who are not used to high temperatures.

2. Use Uber To Get Around The City

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Using the metro system is the way for a tourist to get from point A to point B. It’s well-connected and it’ll get you anywhere you want. Those who wish to stay within a budget should know that this is also one the cheapest ways to get around the city.

Taking a bus is also an option. The transportation system is highly developed.

Although local taxis called “karwa” will be waiting outside major malls and tourist areas, you can call an Uber if you’re looking for a more convenient option.

sand, desert, dunes

Bonus tip for women drivers: Don’t go en “rent a car” route. Renting out and driving yourself around Qatar is not at all advisable. It’s not your driving expertise; it’s the traffic violation fines. They are terribly expensive.

3. Experience The Desert


Visiting Qatar and not experiencing the desert is the same as going to Italy and not eating pasta. Don’t let that happen.

One of the things that make this Middle Eastern country special is its all-encompassing deserts. Your trip to Qatar shouldn’t be centered around going to the mall, catching discounts, and passing by skyscrapers.

Leave the luxurious life for a moment, and head straight to the desert; you won’t be disappointed. As a matter of fact, several tourist companies and agencies offer half or full-day desert safari tours. For those adventurers at heart, you can also ask for overnight camping in a Bedouin tent.

You can spend a whole day out in the desert and have the time of your life. Tourists can ride a camel, go sandboarding, go dune bashing in a 4WD, or even ride an ATV over the sand dunes.

If you decide to visit Sealine Beach, you’ll have a chance to see the sand dunes roll straight into the ocean.

4. Try The Cuisine

food, eastern, sweets

Good food is a shortcut to a woman’s heart, and Qatar has a lot to offer for foodies that come for a visit.

The traditional cuisine of Qatar fits all types of budgets!

For starters, it’s important to stress that eating out and eating a lot is part of the cultural routine of many Arab families. If we were to make a list of restaurant recommendations, it would have to be a separate article.

Long story short, you can get a hold of almost anything here, from traditional dishes to organic food at the markets.

Fast food lovers will not be left out. Visitors will be able to order their usuals from McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King.

The only food that you won’t find in Qatar is pork, for obvious reasons.

Foodies are encouraged to visit the annual International Food Festival held in Doha, which takes place around March or April. For more information on this delicious gathering, you should check the dates.

5. Adjust To The Routine of Afternoon Tea

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Once again, we have to go back to the Sharia Law, which represents the main source of Qatari legislation. And since that’s your rulebook, you guessed it: no liquor shops and no alcohol in supermarkets either.

Free tip: Don’t try buying a bottle of alcoholic beverage and smuggling it; it won’t end well for you.

The “no alcohol allowed” rule may be a bit exaggerated. There is one place where you can get a hold of an alcoholic drink, and that’s only if you book your stay at a 5-star hotel. Be warned, though. Alcohol here is an item here that has high demand and little to no supply, so the price might come as a shock. 

Now, the routine we were referring to. In Qatar, similarly to England, it’s afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea is a social ritual here. In most bars, you can order various afternoon teas served between 2 pm and 6 pm. For a different experience, you can enjoy this hot beverage with tasty cakes, dainty pastries, scones, or finger sandwiches.

6. Downtown Shopping

bazaar, booth, bracelets

Many Arab countries are known precisely for their comprehensive and cheap bazaars. If you’re considering Qatar, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to go some shopping.

Here, downtown bazaars have a lot going on. For instance, the Souq Waqif is, by far, the best place to experience a traditional Middle Eastern market. As you stroll along the market, you’ll find everything – from spices, perfumes, and handicrafts to unique souvenirs. Bargaining is recommended!

If you are looking for quality goods, head straight to the malls like Doha Festival City, Place Vendome, Mall of Qatar — the list is endless.

These types of places are also good for people-watching and smoking some shisha if that’s what you’d like.

7. Respect The Dress Code

woman, headscarf, exotic

Considering that religion plays a big role in Qatar, here’s some info on respecting the dress code. Here’s what to wear:

As for the local women of Qatar, you’ll see them wearing hijabs. On the other hand, visitors have the freedom to wear their usual clothes and are not expected to follow the exact same dress code; however, they are expected to dress modestly.

For women, a rule of thumb here is to keep your shoulders and knees covered. While enjoying Qatar, you’ll soon come to find that a long skirt is your best friend.

And as far as going out is concerned, it’s completely safe to go by yourself.

After all, it’s up to you.

8. Visit The Museums & Art Galleries

doha, city, museum

Appreciate the cultural environment – Qatar is very rich in history, and it would be a shame to skip and not explore its cultural heritage and the interesting things that this foreign culture offers.

The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ), which is also the largest museum, gives voice to this country’s rich heritage and culture. Visitors have the chance to experience Qatar’s past, present, and future.

Tradition is not the only thing Qatar offers. There is an abundance of superb centers featuring modern contemporary art, breathtaking sculptures, photography, and amazing interactive galleries.

9. Know The Daily Routines

doha, qatar, west bay

Since you plan on spending some time enjoying the beauty of Qatar, it would be useful to familiarize yourself with the basics of their daily routines.

Here are some guidelines:

  • The city is mostly asleep by 11 pm.
  • The working week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday, which means that the weekend officially starts on Friday.
  • Wearing sunglasses is recommended for health.
  • Keep a bottle of water by yourself at all times.
  • 1 United States Dollar equals 3.64 Qatari Rial.

As long as you know their daily routines, you’ll have no problem getting around.

10. Go To Doha For Sports

ferrari, formula 1, fernano alonso

Women who are also sports enthusiasts will especially enjoy the following information: Doha is one of the best destinations to enjoy top-notch sports activities.

The most popular sport in Qatar is football. This is, of course, considering participation and spectators. But that’s not all. Sports lovers can enjoy other famous sports such as athletics, basketball, handball, volleyball, camel racing, horse racing, cricket, and swimming.

If you want to attend some of the fantastic matches, Doha is the place where you will get a hold of the best tickets and enjoy watching the game.

Visiting Qatar As A Woman: Summing Up

So far, we have managed to convey the glow of a vacation in Qatar. Now, let’s sum up the key takeaways and confirm whether this is a desirable destination for solo female travelers.

Our final answer is: Yes! Solo women travelers are welcomed in Qatar.

Paying a visit to a new culture, however, requires you to be familiar with the basics to some extent. Some tips for women traveling to Qatar include respecting the dress code, knowing their daily routines, enjoying the markets and traditional cuisine, visiting cultural hotspots, and so on.

The important thing you should take from this is that traveling to Qatar as a woman is perfectly safe, and there’s something for everyone!