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Made in Saudi Arabia: The Stories of Four Local Businesses

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Saudi Arabia is a land of hidden gems. And some of these hidden gems are in the form of stories and small businesses. In this blog, we will be sharing stories about local entrepreneurs – how they established their businesses, and how they got their ideas, we’ve got the inside scoop!

Personally, I love supporting small businesses. You can always tell by their products that they have been made and dispatched with love. Join us as we explore the inspiring world of Saudi entrepreneurs!

1. Dahdouh’s Majles in Tanomah


Dahdouh is this legendary old man, who created this house and Majles.

Backstory: Dahdouh was not born in the Tanomah region. Tragedy struck him before he was even born, as he lost his father a few months before his birth, which led his mother to get remarried and give him up to his grandmother and grandfather.

Dahdouh spent the first 13 years of his life with his grandparents. When they sadly passed, Dahdouh quickly realized that now he had no one and had to fend for himself.

He moved to Riyadh and started his first job as a cleaner. Dahdouh knew the importance of education for the advancement of himself and his life, and as soon as he got promoted to a better-paid worker, he started to fund his education.

Being a bright scholar, Dahdouh excelled and landed a job with the government, where he was part of a diplomatic delegation that traveled to many countries.

At this point, Dahdouh had changed his life completely, he was settled, he was stable and so once he returned from his government visits, he longed for the homely feel he seemed to miss…

Dahdouh's Majles

The cozy, intricately designed Majles of Dahdouh.

He packed his bags and headed back to Tanomah, his heart full of fond memories of the first thirteen years of his life, thinking back to the scents and flavors of his grandparents’ home. He longed for that feeling of a gathering.

An idea popped into the head of the man, who had to do everything for himself at such a young age, he decided why look for a gathering for occasions when I can just give myself one? And so the Majles was created.


Prince Abu Sulthan of Tanomah and Meraj with Dahdouh.

Dahdouh’s Majles is free and open to all to visit.

What happens at this Majles?

When you first visit the Majles, you are welcomed with firing the guns in the air, to kick things off with a thrill. Then the firepit starts, to create a warm and cozy ambience and guests are invited to make the Saudi coffee (gahwa).

This is perfect for breaking the ice between the guests and the host. Then a strange but genius taste is brought to the majles – bread, honey, and frozen butter. What????

Frozen Butter

Frozen butter allows the guests to take as much as they want (because for obvious reasons melted butter is not a lot.) Yummers.

The bread is cooked in the traditional fire pit, covered with a small fire to the point where it is nice, toasted in 25-30 minutes, and then served to the guests with the above-mentioned delicacy.

For guests staying overnight, Dahdouh gives you a special free treat, this kind man offers you free lunch in the form of Saudi-style cooked mutton (sacrificing a live goat from his farm!).

365 Team with Dahdouh

365 Adventures Team with Dahdouh. What are they wearing? A traditional gift from Dahdouh.

The 87 years of Dahdouh’s life have led to this moment, his dream of having a home-like gathering has come true.

We spoke to Abdullah, the son of Dahdouh, and he told us about the story of his father, he completed his schooling in Tanomah and then went on to New York to complete his higher studies.

Abdullah Telling Ifrah the Story of Dahdouh and the Majles

Abdullah telling the life story of Dahdouh to Ifrah, a team member of 365 Adventures.

Abdullah said, “I want someone to take his heart (the Majles) and open it up and share all the 87 years of his life. For everyone to know his story and see it come alive with this Majles, this is my dream.”

2. TNJ (Tender N Juicy)

Our next entrepreneur has quite a fascinating story, working as an engineer for ARAMCO pre-COVID, Hussain was living a mundane life. But come 2020, COVID hits, businesses are laying people off, and the world is on lockdown.

Hussain with the Steamer

Hussain with… what’s that? Read further!

Our guy feels what he is doing is not true to what his heart desires and has an idea: he decided to pursue his passions as both an engineer and a chef, and he created one of the most efficient steamers in the world.

Hussain showing tourists the steamer

Hussain giving a tour of his innovation – the Steamer, to our group of tourists.

Now, I don’t need to go into the details of what a steamer is and how it is utilized, but to break it down for you, ever heard of steamed vegetables? The dish we all dreaded our mom cooking at home actually turned out to be one of the most delicious home-cooked meals we’ve ever had. Yes, that.

Instead of grilling or frying, steam-cooking a protein or vegetable is a much healthier option. Steaming takes a long time but it adds a healthy touch and delicious aroma to the food.

Our Group After a TNJ Meal

Our happy group after a hearty TnJ meal!

So next time you’re in Al-Qarrah, be sure to check out TNJ for some delicious food, engineered with love.

TNJ Burgers

Life’s good when you have a fresh grilled steamed burger! Ft. the signature TnJ sauce.

3. Mari Cafe

This one is just for us girls, owned and created by Mariam and her sister Sarah. It is located in the Al Bahah province. What makes Mari Cafe special is its exclusivity, it is a female-only cafe.

Saudi Arabia is a land of culture, and in this culture, Mariam recognized the lack of some opportunities for women – such as lower access to spaces where women can comfortably meet other women, bond, socialize, and create connections.

Bonus – they also have loads of board games, traditional games like backgammon and carrom and sometimes Sarah or Mariam even join you and your company!

Carrom (2)

The girls of 365 Adventures having a fun carrom competition.

Another quality that makes Mari Cafe appealing to women, especially Saudi women is that the majority of them cover their heads and faces due to religious practices, which makes it difficult for them to eat comfortably in public places.

Take it from someone who has a family member who practices the Niqaab (the headscarf and covering of the face till the bridge of your nose), and has seen her be uncomfortable and unsure how to eat in public places, having to sit somewhere away from female friends and family members because they are in a mix gender gatherings, I know how happy she would be to have a cafe where she can be free and comfortable.

Mari Cafe is not only a great initiative for women, but it also has a tasty menu and a wonderful ambiance. I mean, only women in a cafe? It’s bound to be chic and have great lighting for those selfies, and a comforting atmosphere.

Mari Cafe

Had to be sassy!

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Grab your girl gang and head to Mari Cafe in Al Bahah.

Check out their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mari.cafe1/

4. Sama For Perfumes and Oud

Reouf and her family hail from Ar Rayn –  a small town nestled close to Riyadh.

Sama for Perfumes

The various fragrance collection.

How did we come across Sama for Perfumes?

Good question. This is quite a heartwarming story.

During the month of Ramadan 2024, we were on our way from Riyadh to Al Bahah for work, to develop our Summer Experiences. At first, we did not plan on stopping at Ar Rayn, however, the sun was setting and Iftar (time to break fast) was quickly approaching so we parked our car outside a Mosque to pray and break our fast.

Nearby, there were a few houses and a majles. The lovely locals there took one look at our car and recognized that the number plate was not local and that we were travelers from Qatar, being the hospitable people they are, they invited us over to break our fasts with them.

The 365 Adventures men joined the Majles for the men, while the 365 Adventures girls joined the women’s Majles, and to say they fed us too much is an understatement.

Three weeks passed and now the team was returning from the South of Saudi to Riyadh. On our way back, out of courtesy, we decided to stop by Reouf’s house and give our regards to them for the hospitality they showered us with.

Our Creative Director, Ifrah Irshad, met with the women, and this time Reouf and her mother were in the process of opening up their own business. Although Ifrah had to use Google Translate to communicate with them, their enthusiasm and passion for their project were evident from the look in their eyes.

Perfumes and Oud

Fragrance that flows.

Once again, they showered Ifrah with so much love and she was pleased to receive a package of gifts from Sama for Perfumes and Oud.

Sama Ifrah

Ifrah with her favourite scent – the Black Musk. @Vogue, are you reading this?


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    Thank you, Ifrah for sharing these inspiring and beautiful stories with us… Thanks to the whole team and 365 advanture company


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