Student Enrichment Programs

Our priority in enhancing knowledge about Qatar goes beyond tourists and development of our tour guides. We strongly believe that the education system in Qatar can be refined by making it more hands-on, fun and interesting for students to learn. We have discovered some of the most educational information about places in Qatar that can add benefit to what students study in classrooms.

We organize and work with local educational companies that host school trips, field trips, team-building programs and science programs for students in Qatar in a most way that has never been done before. Few of our educational programs include:

  1. Marine science programs
  2. Desert creatures programs
  3. Birdwatching programs
  4. Farm visits and desert wild-life programs
  5. CAS programs
  6. Volunteering programs
  7. Green-education programs

Get in touch with our educational experts and let us bring the best form of learning for your students! Email us at


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