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8 best things to do during new years eve in dubai

8 Best things to do during New Year’s Eve in Dubai

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2023 ends and the adventures of 2024 begin. This article is a travel guide to plan the best things you can do during New Year’s Eve in Dubai.

According to the latest report by Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, the number of international visitors increased from 11.4 million in 2022, to 13.9 million in 2023 (till October).

Dubai isn’t a land of desert anymore. It is the land of opportunities, businesses, expats, and festivities – a center for global events such as sports, festivals, expos, trade, and much more.

Are you celebrating New Year’s Eve 2024 in Dubai? Here are 8 best things to do during New Year’s Eve in Dubai  –

1. Adventures in Hatta Wadi – Offbeat Dubai

Away from the city, amidst the mountains, by the lake – a day full of adventures at Hatta. It is a small mountainous town located about 134 km from Dubai City.

Do you wish to spend your New Year’s Eve away from the city lights? Hatta is your answer to that. A peaceful getaway with ample choices for adventure and culture.

Hatta Kayaking Dubai UAE

Habib, Country Manager of UAE – 365 Adventures and an avid explorer, shared “I loved kayaking on the turquoise waters of Hatta Dam Lake. It was fun!”

Apart from kayaking, you can opt for hiking, ziplining, archery, wall climbing, net walking, axe throwing, paragliding, and other adventures at the Hatta Wadi Hub.

Choose our customized Hatta Wadi Activities tour.

2. Sail into 2024 along the waves of Dubai Creek

As the time and water flow, sail with it on a traditional Dhow Boat heading to New Year 2024. An experience where you can witness the shining fireworks while enjoying a lavish dinner during the cruise.

Dinner at Dubai Creek

Such a celebration is incomplete without live entertainment. 3 Hours of cruising with modern and cultural shows and celebrations all around.

Let’s hit the Countdown 2024 in the Dhow.

3. Welcoming the New Year in an Overnight Desert Safari

It’s New Year’s Eve, and the traffic in the city ought to make you go insane. Well, imagine being on a 4×4 ride and dune bashing in the desert. Sounds better?

Sunset at the Dubai Desert

If not the modern cars and you wish to be away from city life entirely, hop on to the traditional camel ride and go camping in a secluded site surrounded by ghaf trees at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR).

Desert Camping in Dubai
Bidding 2023’s last sunset, celebrating around a bonfire under the clear starry sky, and waking up to the first sunrise of 2024 with and in the desert – an epic way to start your new year.

Let your fresh year start with fresh juice, coffee, and breakfast followed by the exploration of wildlife such as Arabian Oryx or sand gazelle before heading back to the city.

Do you want to live this experience? Choose your Overnight Desert Safari customized tour with us.

4. Celebrate the New Year of 7 times of 7 Countries at Global Village

Yes, you have heard it right. At the Global Village, the presence of the pavilions of the countries China, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, UAE, and Turkey and their varied time zones, will allow you to celebrate New Year 7 times – at 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm, 10:30 pm, 11 pm, 12 am, and 1 am of each of the countries respectively on the 31st of December.

Global Village in Dubai

Visit the pavilions at midnight of each time zone to watch the festivity and the fireworks. This year i.e. on the 31st of December, 2023, families and ladies only are welcome to ensure a diverse and inclusive celebration.

Adding more colors to your evening are the cultural shows of 7 different countries. We wouldn’t miss it, would you?

5. Join the New Year Dinner Cruise at Dubai Marina

Every cruise in a traditional wooden Dhow in Dubai gives an experience of local culture.

Unlike the cruise in Dubai Creek, join the New Year Dinner cruise at the Dubai Marina in the Arabian Gulf.

For better views of the fireworks, we would suggest you choose the upper decks of the cruise. Savoring the delicious cuisines of 2023, enjoy the nightscape of the coast as you sail through the Dubai Marina, Yacht Club, and Marina Towers.

Dinner cruise

Being with your friends and family, watching the cultural and live entertainment shows, and cheering together along with the fireworks at midnight – memories that you shall treasure for life.

6. A Day at the Dibba Musandam – UAE & Oman Border

A perfect way to make your New Year’s Eve special is adventuring in two countries in a day – Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The Musandam peninsula is unique as the majority of it is governed by Oman and a few parts by UAE. The water activities at Dibba Musandam with the view of the surrounding Hajar mountains are popular among the tourists.

Dibba Musandam

On the morning of 31st of December 2023, start your journey from Dubai to the Dibba Harbor. A Dhow boat ride will lead you to the turquoise blue waters of the Arabian Fjords. From banana boat rides to fishing, swimming (with life jackets), and snorkeling – a day of constant thrill and happiness.

As you return to Dubai after the adventures at Dibba Musandam, you can then rest and celebrate the midnight festivities of your choice.

7. Fireworks at the tallest Burj Khalifa

Nothing is more grand than watching the fireworks extravaganza of the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you shouldn’t miss this.

New Years Eve Fireworks at Burj Khalifa Dubai

Starting with the colorful Dubai Fountain show, where the water dances along with the music, followed by the midnight fireworks celebration of Burj Khalifa. An experience from water to the sky.

Dubai fountain

For a perfect view, you can book a restaurant in Downtown Dubai or visit the Dubai Mall. Souk Al Bahar, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, and Burj Park are other options for a better view of the tower.

8. New Year in the Sky in a Hot Air Balloon

New Year’s celebration isn’t limited to just the 31st of December; it’s about embarking on a fresh beginning in a rejuvenating manner.

Whether you skipped the celebrations the previous day or enjoyed the fullest, you can choose to start your New Year high above in the sky.

Dubai Hot Air Balloon

Join an exclusive Private Hot Air Balloon Ride at dawn in the desert. Imagine watching the first sunrise of 2024 with your loved one – the beginning of a new journey. It is not just about the ride but also the place and the time.  We recommend you to conclude your beautiful morning with the ancient sports of falconry and camel ride after the balloon flight.

Summing Up

We hope this article helps you in deciding how to spend your New Year’s Eve in Dubai.

If you are seeking a serene escape to bid farewell to 2023, you may choose the tranquil adventures of Hatta Wadi, with kayaking and ziplining,  and the Overnight Desert Safari amidst the dunes.

In the city, a traditional Dhow Boat cruise along the Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina, or celebrating the new year seven times over at Global Village – each offers an unparalleled experience.

While you conclude New Year’s Eve with the Dubai Fountain show and the fireworks of Burj Khalifa, give a picturesque start to 2024 above the desert landscape with a Hot Air Balloon ride tour.

Send us an email at info@365adventures.me to plan your New Year’s Eve Celebration in Dubai.

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