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Sarawat Mountains

Things to do in Aseer Province, Saudi Arabia

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Aseer Province in Saudi Arabia is filled with a unique charm, nestled between the majestic peaks of the Sarawat Mountains and the turquoise waters of the Red Sea coast, in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia.

The Asir region is often referred to as the “Roof of the Kingdom” because of its cooler temperatures and higher altitude, offering a refreshing escape from the typical desert landscape.

the beauty of asir

Known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant history, Aseer offers a fascinating glimpse into Saudi Arabia’s diverse and lesser-known regions, from lush green mountains to ancient villages and vibrant cultural festivals. If you’re looking to get the essence of true Arabian culture, Aseer is the place to be.

Join us as we uncover some things to do, some intriguing facts about Aseer and explore why it’s a must-visit destination for any traveler to Saudi Arabia.

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Things to do in Asir

Horse Riding Experience

If you’ve never learned to ride a horse, take it from someone who used to do it every evening as a kid, it is one of the most fun experiences of your life.

Horse Riding in Tanomah

This summer gallop into action with our Horse Riding & History tour in Tanomah – Aseer: Saudi Arabia’s hidden gem! Horse riding in Tanomah is an unmatched experience, the wind whips through your hair as you explore breathtaking scenery and hidden valleys on the back of a majestic Arabian horse. But this adventure goes beyond the ride – it’s a journey through time.

Surrounded by nature’s beauty and the rhythmic thud of hooves, we’ll weave through tales of the past, seamlessly blending them with the present to create an unforgettable experience.

Horse Riding Experience

Our tour kicks off at the 365 Adventures Center at Nourban Resort, where a briefing session will prepare you for a horseback odyssey filled with breathtaking vistas, historical intrigue, and the thrill of riding a magnificent Arabian steed.

Let’s Ride Horses in Saudi!

Hiking Adventures

Sarawat Fun Hike

Saudi’s got a cool adventure waiting for you this summer – hiking the majestic peaks of Mount Sarawat in Abha. We’re talking fresh mountain air, stunning views, and the chance to spot the elusive Arabian leopard (don’t worry, they’re shy too).

Our easy-paced trek winds through beautiful forests, with the satisfying crunch of fallen leaves underfoot. Every turn unveils a breathtaking vista, guaranteed to melt away the summer heat. Mingle with friendly insects and birds, or simply soak in the beauty of the ancient trees.

Hiking Mount Sarawat

Along the way, we’ll pass charming Abha farms, where you can test your fruit-picking skills and refuel with fresh, local goodies. The trail is sprinkled with fascinating snippets of local history.

Sarawat Fun Hike

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a casual walker, we’ve got you covered. Our trails cater to all levels, and the day wraps up with a relaxing rest on the fields, sipping Arabic tea and swapping stories with newfound friends. This is an experience you won’t forget – book your Sarawat Fun Hike today!

Manna Hike

The Manna Hike is your chance to become a real-life Jurassic World explorer, and the best part is you can take your whole family along for the journey! We will trek through a green jungle, with towering trees and epic views that’ll make you feel like a dinosaur on a prehistoric adventure.

Manna Hike

Get ready to scramble over boulders, zig-zag down the mountain like a T-Rex chasing its lunch! and finally, reach a hidden wadi in a vibrant green valley. Sparkling rocks will dot your path, adding to the magical experience.

This isn’t just a hike – it’s a time-travel adventure! Let’s channel our inner Chris Pratt and get an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Mount Manna Hike (1)

Book your Manna Hike today!

Gurun Historic Route – Mount Soudah’s oldest route hike

This unique adventure retraces a 100-year-old Bedouin trade route, offering breathtaking sceneries and a glimpse into the past. Explore the Gurun trails, the oldest route in Soudah, known for its comfortable year-round temperatures, rarely exceeding 25C even in summer.

Our journey begins at Mosque Gurun, a place steeped in history. As you descend the trail, you’ll encounter an abandoned resting place, whispering stories of bygone travelers, witness the culture of the Soudah highlands, where friendly locals wear colorful traditional attire.

Gurun Historic Route

Breathe in the fresh mountain air and stunning natural beauty – a perfect summer escape in the heart of the Middle East!

Let’s Hike Mount Soudah’s Oldest Route!

Gaithan Hike – Soudah Ranges

Join us on a laid-back adventure hike through lush juniper forests, where Soudan Ranges’ cool mountain breezes and breathtaking scenery await. The Soudah highlands is a great cultural experience, here friendly locals, adorned in colorful headbands and flower wreaths, will greet you with warm smiles.

Gaithan Hike

Our adventure starts at Sahar Park, where a briefing session prepares you for a journey filled with breathtaking viewpoints, fascinating local history, and a visit to a traditional farm.

Mount Soudah’s oldest route hike

Unwind amidst the natural beauty, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and discover the secrets of Soudah’s laid-back summer charm. Don’t miss this unique chance to escape the ordinary and reconnect with nature – book your Soudah Season Getaway today!

Must-Know Facts

Where in Saudi Arabia is Aseer?

Aseer is located in the south west of Saudi Arabia, bordering Yemen to the south. It is known for its mountainous terrain, natural vegetation, and moderate climate.

The Capital City

The capital of Asir Province Saudi Arabia is Abha, a city famous for its mild weather, beautiful landscapes, and cultural attractions.

Abha throws a surprising curveball compared to the typical Saudi Arabian experience. Situated in the mountains of Aseer, it is home to a refreshingly cool climate that’s a welcome escape from the desert heat.

Abha, Saudi Arabia

Abha promises gorgeous scenery in the form of mountain breezes gently swaying the palm trees, and vibrant flower markets bursting with color. Abha’s charm lies in its perfect blend of country history and modernity.

Visitors can explore ancient palaces turned museums, grab delicious food at restaurants, wander through bustling souks such as the Tuesday Market overflowing with local crafts, or seek thrills at the Abha Palace Theme Park.

Mountainous Region

Aseer’s crown jewel is undoubtedly the Sarawat Mountains, also known as the Asir Mountains, these mountains are part of the larger Hijaz mountain range. These aren’t your typical, monolithic giants, they have rugged peaks sculpted by time, their slopes adorned with a dazzling display of nature’s artistry.

Visitors can drive along breathtaking switchbacks, with every turn revealing a stunning new view – beautiful green valleys nestled among the mountains, a patchwork of emerald green terraced fields cascading down the slopes, and hidden waterfalls tumbling into crystal-clear pools. Al Sahab Park (Clouds Park) is one of the highest peaks in Asir, top of the mountain.

The Asir Mountains are a photographer’s paradise, a hiker’s playground, and a haven for anyone seeking dramatic scenery.

Fun Facts

A Hub for History Buffs

Aseer’s story stretches back millennia, whispering tales of ancient civilizations. Caravans once navigated its fertile valleys, forming a vital trade link on the incense route. Throughout history, Aseer has been a cultural crossroads, influenced by neighboring Yemeni kingdoms and the rise and fall of empires.

Aseer is rich in distinctive cultural heritage, with many historical sites, museums, and traditional houses and villages. One of the most famous villages is Rijal Almaa, known for its distinctive architecture and ancient history. The Rijal Alma Museum is a heritage museum was established by locals in 1985, it showcases the region’s unique history and culture through a collection of over 2,000 artifacts, including traditional tools, weapons, and manuscripts.

Rijal Almaa

The region also played a vital role in the early development of Islam, with local tribes embracing the faith and contributing to its spread.

Rijal Almaa Historic Village

Aseer’s unique identity further solidified in the 18th and 19th centuries with the rise of independent local rulers, leaving behind a legacy of architectural gems and a vibrant cultural heritage that continues to this day.

From Mountains to the Fields

Despite its arid climate, Aseer is a major agricultural hub in Saudi Arabia, known for its production of fruits, vegetables, and coffee.

The secret weapon? Terraced fields. These carefully constructed slopes, carved into the mountainsides, maximize land usage and conserve precious water. A network of ingenious irrigation systems, some dating back centuries, efficiently channels water from mountain springs and seasonal rains, nourishing the fertile soil.

terraced fields saudi

The result? A vibrant tapestry of crops, from plump grapes and juicy peaches to crisp apples and fragrant berries. Aseer is even famous for its high-quality coffee beans, prized for their robust flavor and unique aroma.

Aseer’s agricultural expertise extends beyond its fruits and vegetables. Honey production is a major industry, with the region boasting over 500,000 beehives and some of the most delicious honey in the Kingdom (which we will get into in the next fact).

Arabian Farmer

Coffee isn’t the only Aseeri beverage to have international acclaim – fragrant rose water, distilled from the region’s abundant rose bushes, is another prized export.

So, next time you picture Saudi Arabia, don’t just think sand dunes. Remember Aseer, a land where human ingenuity and a touch of magic transform a harsh climate into a flourishing agricultural paradise.

Honey Capital of the Kingdom

Aseer isn’t just a place for stunning landscapes, it’s a bee paradise! With over half a million buzzing residents in its 500,000 beehives, the region is a haven for honey production. This isn’t your average grocery store honey though. Aseeri honey is a prized possession, known for its dark, mysterious color and unique taste that will tantalize your taste buds. It has the perfect balance of sweetness with a touch of floral essence, and true nectar produced by these busy Aseeri bees.

Bees Tower Honey Refinery

You can check out the bees tower honey refinery, as it the biggest wind-powered honey refinery in the world. At the Bees Tower Honey Refinery you will pay 10 Riyal to enter and can tour the honey hut, see bees hard at work, and taste different types of honey.  You can also relax with a cup of coffee and learn about different medicinal properties of honey.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this local treasure – it’s a guaranteed conversation starter and a delicious way to experience a taste of Aseer’s magic.

A Unique Saudi Arabian Experience

Aseer isn’t your typical Saudi Arabian experience. It’s a land of surprising delights, from bee havens with crazy-delicious honey to ancient stone giants whispering secrets of the past. Hike dramatic mountains, have water adventures, explore vibrant souks, or get your adrenaline pumping with a gravity-defying Dabba dance performance.

Asir has the potential to become a crown jewel of Saudi tourism, attracting visitors worldwide and contributing significantly to the plans the Saudi government wishes to achieve in terms of Vision 2030.

South of Saudi

Aseer offers a unique blend of history, culture, and adventure, making it a must-visit for any traveler seeking to discover the hidden gems of Saudi Arabia. Pack those hiking boots – Aseer’s cool mountain breezes and unforgettable experiences await!

Write to us at info@365adventures.me and let us help you curate your very own special Aseer experience!

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