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Travel Oman Through the Eyes of Locals

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Oman is a treasure of a country located in the Middle East. Oman boasts vast deserts, verdant mountains in Salalah, the towering peak of Jebel Shams home to Wadi Ghul also known as the grand canyon of Oman, historic forts, ruined cities and an extensive coastline along the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman, and the Arabian Peninsula.


Oman, a captivating destination in the heart of Arabia, offers a diverse array of experiences for visitors. From the mesmerizing desert camps in the Wahiba Sands to the enchanting Ras al Jinz where marine life thrives, Oman’s natural beauty never fails to amaze.


Join us while we venture through the hidden treasures of Oman, where the veil of tourism lifts to reveal the secrets cherished by the locals. As an insider’s guide to the Sultanate’s lesser-known spots, we invite you to visit Oman through the eyes of those who call it home.

While tourists flock to the renowned landmarks, we’ll unveil the hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and untold stories that define the true essence of Oman.

And we at 365 Adventures are here to help you capture that essence. That’s why our team of local guides and Wadi experts are here to share their deep-rooted connection and profound insights with you to help you create unforgettable memories.

Our local guides are well versed in landmarks and will be throwing fun historical facts at you until you feel like a local yourself. They are passionate storytellers who can paint a vivid picture of Oman’s past, present, and future. They will take you off the beaten path and into the heart of local communities, where you can experience the country’s rich culture and traditions.

An all for you exclusive kind of trip, in which you’re the curator, you get to pick your adventures and your local eyes (tour guide). So let’s begin here are your tour guides and areas to explore:

Wadi Expert, Local Guide #1

Mohammed Alhadi

We are pleased to introduce to Mohammed Alhadi, earning a reputation for curating bespoke tours, to the most fascinating yet lesser known places of Oman, he has quite the social media presence with over 60,000 people following his adventures.


Why should you pick Mohammed Alhadi? He is a great choice as he is a true connoisseur of Oman’s hidden gems, as an ICO Pro Cayoner, his reputation for organizing extraordinary Wadi experiences which he carefully curates keeping the clients age and physical abilities in consideration.

Not only that, Mohammed’s tours promise a side of Oman that you probably have not experienced before, from cuving canyons to magical views, Mohammed Al Hadi is an expert at finding extraordinary things and making sure the way you view Oman changes for the better.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s curate your perfect Oman tour with Mohammed Al Hadi today.

Adventures to Choose from

Snake Canyon

Imagine yourself nestled within the captivating expanse of Wadi Bani Auf in Wilayat Rustaq, where the mesmerizing Snake Canyon stands as a remarkable testament to nature’s beauty.

The gorge derives its name from its serpent-like shape, enticing adventurers with its mystique and allure.


If you’re seeking to explore this natural wonder, there are two entrances to choose from, that offer different experiences for different skill levels.

The first entrance, starting from Balad Seet village, offers a longer trail that requires abseiling under the guidance of an experienced guide, while the second entrance originating from Bima village is ideal for families and less experienced adventurers, as it welcomes explorers without the need for climbing gear or abseiling.


You can collaborate with Mohammed Al Hadi and pick your perfect trail entrance.

As you delve deeper into the canyon, you’ll encounter narrow waterways that sparkle in the sunlight and towering rock formations that inspire awe.

Serene pools of various sizes and lengths invite you to pause and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings.

You may come across a narrow passage midway through the journey that presents a challenge and allows only one person to pass at a time. But the allure of the canyon continues to captivate you as you navigate through its twists and turns.

The end of your adventure awaits at a cave, where the journey transitions from daring exploration to a harmonious blend of walking and swimming. Follow the cave’s waters until you emerge at Zama village, where the memories of Snake Canyon’s majestic beauty will linger long after the journey’s end.

Take your time to soak in the breathtaking views, and let your senses be filled with the wonders of nature.

Wadi Al-Arbieen

A stunning valley located in Eastern Hajar Mountains of Oman, close to Muscat is your next option Wadi Al Arbieen. Famous for its natural beauty, refreshing water pools, and picturesque landscapes making it a widely popular destination for outdoor and nature lovers.

The wadi is marked by rugged terrain, towering cliffs, and lush vegetation creates a dramatic backdrop for exploration and would look gorgeous on the gram! Take up a hiking adventure with Mohammed Al Hadi along the beautiful wadi’s trails.


With summer coming, the highlights of Wadi Al Arbieen shine brighter, with its series of natural swimming pools fed by freshwater spring cascading down the mountains. Get those feet in water, swim, relax and soak in the tranquil surroundings  while you get refreshing respite from the heat.

The valley is dotted with four charming villages, each boasting thriving plantations of palm trees, bananas, lemons, and mangoes, giving you a glimpse into the rural Omani life.

Set out on an exhilarating adventure that begins where the road ends. Traverse through serene farms, conquer challenging rock formations in the wadi, and take refreshing swims in various pools en route.


After covering a distance of 6 kilometers, you’ll be rewarded with the awe-inspiring sight of the majestic Al Hail waterfall. This adventure is tailored for those with a medium-to-hard fitness level and swimming capabilities who seek to challenge themselves and indulge in the beauty of nature.

Rest assured, along with Mohammed Al Hadi, we will curate the perfect adventure for you.

Wadi Shab

My personal pick would be Wadi Shab, why? Look at it! It looks straight out of a Disney movie, surrounded by magical vibes and breathtaking views.

A serene gorgeous escape with specialist Mohammed Alhadi. Carved out by ancient rivers, Wadi Shab is renowned for its emerald-green pools, hidden waterfalls, and dramatic cliffs.


Your journey kicks off at large crystal clear pool, which signifies the entrance to the wadi, from where you’ll take a fun boat ride to reach the other side.

As you wade through the wadi, let the smaller, more intimate water pools lead you into a world of mystery and wonder. Experience the stunning transformation of the scenery as larger ponds reveal their mesmerizing beauty, inviting you to bask in their glory.

And amidst it all, find serenity and peace in the tranquil pool nestled within a cave. Let Wadi Shab inspire you with its natural wonders and the triumph of human ingenuity.


At the end of the trail lies the crowning jewel of Wadi Shab – a stunning cave adorned with cascading waterfalls, where intrepid travelers can take a refreshing dip in the cool, turquoise waters.

With its stunning natural beauty and exhilarating hiking opportunities, Wadi Shab offers an unforgettable adventure for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Wadi Mibam

Explore with Wadi Specialist Mohammed Alhadi and 365 Adventures, and discover the enchanting Wadi Mibam.

As you make your way through this picturesque landscape, you’ll encounter a treasure trove of diverse crops and agricultural wonders, creating a tapestry of stunning beauty.


The adventure begins with a thrilling 15-meter abseil and a 7-meter descent using safety gear, followed by refreshing pool swims.

As you exit the valley, you’ll be greeted by bountiful farms that yield dates, lemons, bananas, and more.

Chose Wadi Mibam as your adventure and be surrounded by beauty and serenity.

Muscat Expert, Local Guide #2

AbdulMajeed Al Ghazali

We are pleased to introduce you to AbdulMajeed Al Ghazali. Equipped with a Ministry of Heritage and Tourism authorization as a General Tour Guide,  AbdulMajeed is your expert guide exploring the wonders of Oman.


Having a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Oman Tourism College, he brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and dedication to every tour.

Having traversed paths with renowned organizations such as Abercrombie&Kent and National Geographic Tours, AbdulMajeed has finely crafted his expertise as a tourism specialist.

His sphere of influence extends to the cultural domain, serving as a Tour Guide at the Royal Opera House Muscat.

Possessing a diverse background, from his tenure as a receptionist at the Chedi Muscat Hotel to guiding tours at the National Museum, AbdulMajeed offers a distinctive lens to every expedition he undertakes.

Adventures to choose from

Story Behind Muscat City Tour

Discover the true essence of Muscat with the expert guidance of Abdulmajeed Al Ghazali on the Story Behind Muscat City Tour.


Get ready to explore the heart of Oman’s capital city and witness its rich heritage, traditional market and modern marvels.

Enjoy a journey that will take you through the best of Muscat’s past and present.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Tour

The Story Behind Muscat City Tours kicks off with a visit to theSultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Tour.

In westen Muscat, is the stunning and architectural marvel Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, a true gem of the city.

Unlike most mosques, this grand structure graciously welcomes visitors of all faiths, offering a glimpse into Omani heritage and traditions.


With Abdulmajeed Al Ghazil as your guide, prepare to set out on a journey through time and culture.

Discover the mosque’s intricate architecture, learn about its rich history, and immerse yourself in the serene ambiance that fills its halls.

From stunning design details to profound cultural significance, every corner of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque has a story to tell, waiting for you to uncover its secrets.

Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House Muscat is a magnificent cultural attraction and a must-visit tourist destination in Oman.

The stunning architectural design of the opera house seamlessly blends traditional Omani elements with modern sophistication, making it a sight to behold.


Visitors can enjoy a wide array of world-class performances, including opera, ballet, symphony concerts and traditional Omani music.

The Royal Opera House Muscat promises an unforgettable experience for art enthusiasts and tourists alike, with its rich cultural offerings and grandeur.

Muttrah Souq

The next stop is a stroll to Muttrah Souq.

Muttrah Souq is a bustling marketplace where you can find everything from traditional Omani crafts to spices and fragrances.


Its maze-like alleys are perfect for exploring, offering a glimpse into Oman’s vibrant culture. So get shopping!

Your tour hits the pause button after the Mutrah Souq, to get some fuel in the form of traditional delicious Omani lunch, giving you the energy to keep going.

Bait Al Zubair Museum

Bait Al Zubair Museum in Muscat is a treasure trove of Omani heritage, showcasing artifacts, costumes, and traditional weaponry, providing insight into the country’s rich history and culture.

Begin your journey at the Bait Al Zubair Museum, where Abdulmajeed Al Ghazali will take you on a journey through time with his insightful commentary that brings the exhibits to life.

But that’s just the beginning. Continue your journey at the Bait Muzna gallery, where you can admire a diverse range of artworks that showcase Oman’s modern artistic expression.

Abdulmajeed Al Ghazali’s expertise will offer you a deeper understanding of the artistry and creativity on display, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

Finally, conclude your cultural exploration at the National Museum of Oman, where you can witness the nation’s history unfold before your eyes. Abdulmajeed Al Ghazali will provide his insightful guidance to help you connect the dots between the artifacts and their significance in shaping Oman’s identity.

So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to explore Oman’s history and artistic heritage!

Al Alam Palace

End The Story Behind Muscat City Tour with a photo stop to get those instagrammable pictures at Al Alam Palace, Muscat.


The Palace serves as the ceremonial palace of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.

With its distinctive blue and gold facade and majestic architecture, it stands as a symbol of Omani royalty and tradition, offering visitors a glimpse into the country’s regal heritage.

Meet and Greet with Sidab Women’s Association

Choose a captivating journey with 365 Adventures and our knowledgeable guide, Abdulmajeed Al Ghazi, to explore the alluring world of the Sidab Women’s Association.

During this immersive tour, you’ll not only meet but also connect with the remarkable women of Sidab.

Delve into the rich tapestry of Omani culture as you engage in enlightening conversations and enjoy the hospitality of the locals, with authentic Omani coffee and dates awaiting you.

Moreover, delve into the essence of Omani craftsmanship as you browse through a treasure trove of handcrafted goods meticulously created by the talented members of the Sidab Women Association.

From intricately designed shopping bags to beautifully embroidered cushion covers, each piece reflects the pride, heritage, and skill of the Sidab women, offering you a unique glimpse into their world.

Amouage Perfume Factory Tour

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with scents, so this tour sounds right up my alley.

Pick a sensory adventure to the Amouage Perfume Factory, situated near Muscat Airport, where luxury and artistry converge. Under the wonderful guidance of Abdulmajeed Al Ghazali step into the enchanting world of fragrance creation.


Amouage’s evocative scents are known worldwide, gracing over 80 countries with a dedicated following. Follow the meticulous craftsmanship behind these renowned perfumes, from distillation to presentation, on an enlightening tour.

Discover why Amouage fragrances have become synonymous with sophistication, adored by discerning individuals worldwide, including royalty and celebrities.

During your visit, gain insight into the factory’s state-of-the-art facilities, where traditional techniques harmonize with modern innovation.

Witness skilled artisans meticulously crafting each scent, from selecting the finest ingredients to bottling the final product.

And don’t forget to visit the boutique, where you can experience these exquisite scents firsthand (and bring something back for me also!)

Outdoor Expert, Local Guide #3

Malik Ahmad Alamri

Meet our last and an excellent pick of a tour guide Malik Ahmad Almari, with over 9 years of experience up his sleeve, Malik is an outdoor adventurist Omani local and a seasoned professional, guaranteed to give you bespoke tours.


His experience in the world of tourism and travel has encompassed a myriad of activities, ranging from organizing trips, culinary experiences leading to hiking expeditions, camping trips, astronomy observations, and rock climbing ventures, along with cooking sessions also. I mean wow! A tour guide that can do it all just for you.

Along with fluency in English and Arabic, Malik’s linguistics also consist of a touch of French also, C’est amusant!

His tour guiding involves making his guests feel comfortable by extending hospitality and making sure they leave with the best experiences and a smile on their faces.

You can easily find yourself engaged in conversation with Malik even if they don’t revolve around Omani culture and history, he loves to share his personal experiences and interests to make sure your tour is unmatched.

Adventures to Choose From

Ghost Village of Wadi Bani Habib

Wadi Bani Habib is one of the many villages abandoned across Hajar Mountains, it is a wonder of rustic architecture, with narrow paths branching off from the main set of stone-carved stairs.

You’ll come across abandoned houses with openings instead of doors and windows, which may lead to dark yet fascinating rooms carved into stone or roofless rooms overgrown with vegetation.


One section of the village is relatively newer, where you’ll find some houses with interior walls adorned with beautiful floral patterns. The mosque and a building used for meetings are the best-preserved structures in the area.

This mysterious village seems to be frozen in time, built entirely out of mud, encompassed by the gorgeous Jebel Akhdar mountain.

Your journey kicks off from the Saiq Plateau, aboard a 4×4 offroad vehicles to take in the breeze and breathtaking views.


As you wander through the lush landscape adorned with walnut, peach, and pomegranate trees, you’ll be transported to a tranquil oasis amidst the Omani mountain desert.

Malik share with you the gripping tales and histor behind the abandonment of the once vibrant village of Wadi Bani Habib. You’ll feel a deep sense of empathy as you learn about the people who used to live there, their culture, and their struggles to survive in such a harsh environment.

Together, you’ll uncover what led to the village’s decline and eventual abandonment. But why was the village abandoned? You’ll just have to let Malik take you on a tour and tell you.

Scented Secrets of Al Jabal Al Akhdar

Also known as “Oman’s green mountain”, Al Jabal Al Akhdar is home to a treasure unlike any the Jabal Akhdar rose.

The delicate pink petals hold an enchanting aroma treasured for generations across Oman and beyond.


Join 365 Adventures, as Malik walks you through the rose garden, where you’ll see the magic of rose harvesting and distillation.

Discover how this process creates the renowned rose water used in fragrances, remedies, and spa treatments.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this fragrant journey!

Full Moon Hike at Jabal Akhdar

This adventure unfolds under the radiant glow of the full moon at Jabal Akhdar. This mountain boasts breathtaking views and rugged terrain, perfect for exploration.


Join Malik as he guides you through majestic landscapes  on a peacful hike through the mountains. Sometimes you just want to go for a night walk to clear you head and get some good outdoor vibes, what better place to do that other than Jabal Akhdar.

This special journey is exclusively available during the full moon, according to the Hijri (Arabic) Calendar, promising an experience of tranquility and wonder.

Mountain Biking Adventure at Jabal Akhdar

Upon the beautiful plateau is your next adventure, mountain biking. Take in the gorgeous views as you ascend 2000 meters above sea level on blend of tarmac and gravel trails.

Malik will be there to guide you and ensure a safe and adventurous ride, although it is suitable for all skill levels.

For solo adventurers, rent a bike from us and explore at your own pace, equipped with biking gear and trail maps.

Discover the beauty of Jabal Akhdar on two wheels!

Pomegranate Orchad Experience

Life is about simple things, little acts that make you happy, such as an act of picking pomegranates and tasting them.

As Autumn hits Oman’s “Green Mountain” the trees are filled with ripe and beautiful pomegranates. With cooler temperatures, allow yourself to be completely taken by the chill breeze and bounce of juicy produce like grapes, figs, and pomegranates.

Allow Malik to take you on a journey unlike any other, where you’ll savor and view lush fruits as Malik tells you captivating stories about this beautiful destination.

Oman Food Tour

This is where Malik’s diversity comes in in, not only does he take you to enjoy the outdoors but he also accompanies you while you wander the world of delicious food.

Begin a flavorful journey, diving into the heart of Omani cuisine. On our food tour, you’ll witness and taste a tapestry of flavors that are inspired by Persia, India and Africa.


Taste the iconic rice dish, infused with a blend of spices like turmeric, cardamom, and coriander, while learning about its cultural significance. Let your taste buds travel through Oman’s rich history and connections, making this lunch experience one to remember.

With Malik, you’ll not only see Oman like a local but you’ll eat like a local as well!

Curate your own Adventures today!

I realise I have put you in quite a pickle, all these destinations and tour guides sound amazing, and if I were you I would be jumping at the opportunity to get even one of these. Here is where I have the best news for you:

Listen close, pick a tour and any guide, or pick all three guides and any three tours, you wish and we make it happen! That’s right, we are letting you take the reigns of your adventures. Curate your own tours.

Plan a day trip to the ancient ruins of Al Baleed or explore the majestic Bahla Fort in Nizwa, where whitewashed buildings stand as a testament to the country’s rich history.

While Oman is considered to have conservative culture, it warmly welcomes visitors of all backgrounds, including non-Muslims who can freely explore its towns and souqs like Nizwa Souq.

Traveling in Oman is trouble-free and safe, with many expats calling it home. Remember to respect local customs, such as refraining from alcohol consumption in public and dressing modestly, especially near the Yemeni border.

Oman Air provides excellent service for travelers, and it’s advisable to have travel insurance before your trip. Don’t miss the chance to capture breathtaking sunsets and sunrises over the dunes of Wadi Bani Khalid, and indulge in delicious cuisine at local restaurants.


Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Oman has something for everyone, making it a top choice for your next holiday destination.

All you have to do is write to us at info@365adventures.me and help us plan your perfect Oman escape!

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