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Your Ticket to Hail City’s Hidden Wonders

Join us at 365 Adventures as we set off on an extraordinary journey to uncover the hidden treasures of Hail City. Get ready for a trip filled with enthusiasm, impulse, and unforgettable experiences.

Hail City, with its diverse landscapes and untouched natural beauty, is our destination. We’ll venture into the heart of this remarkable city, exploring its virgin territories that remain untouched by human footprints. Our mission is to discover all that is new and magnificent in this captivating region.

Our journey will take us through the enchanting Aja and Salma mountains, where we’ll scout their valleys, each holding its own secrets and beauty that will steal your heart. The valleys of “Ghalghlah,” “Jaw,” and “AL Joub” beckon with breathtaking scenery, each a unique wonder waiting to be explored.

But that’s not all; we’re turning back the hands of time as we visit “Jubbah” city, a place steeped in history, where ancient monuments and drawings from three different historical eras are waiting to be discovered. The thrill of witnessing this living history is an experience like no other.

And, of course, no 365 Adventures trip would be complete without some fun and adrenaline. Our visit to “Naylat,” an open sand-filled landscape, promises exciting adventures and a chance to get your heart racing.


  • Hail city
  • Aja and Salma mountains
  • Ghalghlah & Jaw Valleys
  • Al-Jub Valley
  • Jubbah (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Camping in the wilderness
  • Enjoy a scenic sunset, sunrise, and stargazing experience


  • Four wheel drive 4X4
  • Meals
  • Professional guide
  • Tent
  • Sleep Bag
  • Consultation


  • Personal expenses
  • Tips & gratuities
  • Anything that’s not mentioned in the tour plan
  • Destination

  • Departure

  • Departure Time

  • Dress Code

    Comfortable clothing and hiking shoes, Sunscreen, Hat

Day 1 Setting up Camp and Starry Night

  • Our journey begins with the arrival at our designated location. We will then start with setting up our tents, learning the art of tent assembly step by step, including the proper installation of tent stakes. With our campsite ready, it's time to prepare our dinner, a perfect start to our night of adventure around the campfire.
  • The night is when the magic happens. Enjoy the serenity of nature combined with the view of shadows cast by trees and palm trees under a star-studded sky. The backdrop of millions of shimmering stars is a sight to behold and capture in stunning photos.
  • After a day of excitement, we'll hit the hay and rest up for the adventures of the next day.

Day 2 Hiking and Jaw Valley

  • Rise and shine at 5:00 am to sleep under the stars and marvel at their beauty before getting some well-deserved rest. A hearty breakfast and freshly brewed coffee will prepare us for the day ahead.
  • With bags packed and gear in place, we set out on a hike covering 3 to 4 km. It's not an easy trail, but the enthusiasm is high as we face the challenges of climbing boulders and hiking up a valley.
  • By 10:00 am, we'll complete our hike and reach our cars to head to our next destination, "Jaw" Valley, a remarkable place where water spots and lush vegetation create a natural masterpiece in the desert. We'll take a break to enjoy snacks and hot drinks.

Day 3 Al Jub Valley, "Jubbah" City, and Farewell

  • At 1:00 pm, we'll journey to "Al Jub" Valley, known for its abundant greenery and palm trees against the backdrop of majestic mountains. This combination provides a unique and rejuvenating experience. We'll climb up the steps of this valley to reach our camping spot.
  • As evening approaches, we'll set up our tents for a night of campfire celebrations, stories, songs, and delightful conversations.
  • At 10:00 pm, we'll drift off to sleep beneath the starry sky.

Day 4 Sandboarding, "Jubbah" City, and Farewell

  • The new day starts at 6:00 am with breakfast in the warm morning sun, accompanied by a revitalizing cup of coffee.
  • At 7:00 am, we head to Naylat, an area of golden sand landscapes and mountains. Sandboarding fun awaits!
  • Our final destination is "Jubbah" city, a place steeped in history with ancient petroglyphs and inscriptions dating back 10,000 years, spanning three different historical eras. It's designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • As the mind-blowing trip concludes, we'll bid farewell to Hail City, a place filled with mysteries and treasures, and make our way to Hail Airport to return to the city.