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Upcoming Events in Saudi Arabia 2024

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Saudi Arabia stands as a testament to progress and development. Over the years, Saudi Arabia has achieved so much in such less time, it has undergone an amazing transformation embracing change and innovation.

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As Saudi Arabia’s landscape flourishes so does the tapestry of opportunities with exciting, buzzing, upcoming events that will boost Saudi Arabia to new heights.

This article will cover popular events and how one can plan to visit upcoming events in Saudi.

Fun Facts About Saudi Arabia


Apart from vast deserts and oil exports, Saudi Arabia has a lot more to offer—rich culture, history, and stunning natural wonders.

As the largest nation in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia shares borders with the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, and it has neighboring countries like Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Did you know Saudi Arabia is home to the world’s largest sandy desert? Rubʿ al-Khali, The amazing Empty Quarter, a breathtaking destination, spans 650,000 square kilometers, with 805 located in southern Saudi Arabia, making it the largest desert on the Arabian Peninsula. Isn’t it crazy!

Moreover, Saudi Arabia claims the title of the World’s biggest Airport. Yes! you heard it right. The King Fahd International Airport in Dammam City, Saudi Arabia is super huge, covering 9,080 acres of land. It’s even bigger than Bahrain, its neighbor!

Another fact that will blow your mind is that in Saudi Arabia, they have the King’s Cup camel race. This amazing race has about 1,200 participants, and they speed across a 20km track during the Janadriyah National Festival.

Tourists looking for authentic local experiences should check out camel racing in Saudi Arabia. It’s a really fun experience.

What to expect?


Get set for Saudi Arabia’s exciting events! They’re not just gatherings, they’re your ticket to fun and tourism like never before.

From cutting-edge tech showcases to cultural extravaganzas, these gatherings promise a unique experience that will resonate globally.

Join us as we unwrap the anticipation and unveil how these events are set to transform the Kingdom into a global hotspot.

The excitement is real and trust me it’ll all be worth it. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and explore the buzz to see what makes this stunning country so special.

Yanbu Flower and Gardens Festival


If you haven’t heard already, the Yanbu Flower and Garden Festival is in full swing, and it’s a must-visit sight to see.

From February 15 to March 9, 2024, Yanbu bursts into a vibrant haven. Families, friends, and even tourists are swarming to be part of this lively floral celebration.

And you know what? It’s not just flowers, there’s a lively blend of art, entertainment, and culture causing a sensation.

Walking through the festival feels like entering a magical garden. Laughter fills the air, and the bright colors of flowers create a perfect setting for some great family time.

It’s not just an event, it’s the perfect place for flower lovers. So, if you’re in the area, or even if you’re not, this festival is a must-see.

It’s the kind of event that puts a smile on your face and makes you appreciate the simple joys of life.

Visit the Boulevard World


Imagine a place where you can travel the world, play games, and have a blast. Boulevard World is your go-to place. From November 2, 2023, to March 22, 2024, it’s like a Disneyland in the Middle East. Boulevard World is the ultimate Saudi entertainment hub during the expansive festival Riyadh Season.

It’s not just for grown-ups – it’s perfect for families and anyone who loves to travel, explore, and play. They’ve got this massive place called The Sphere and AREA15, and you know what? they have the world’s biggest man-made lake, It offers the opportunity for visitors to seamlessly journey between 11 stations, connecting different cities. I mean it’s crazy to even think.

Moreover, Boulevard World has the world’s biggest round theater and a gaming city for those who love excitement and fun. What’s more exciting than this?

Everywhere you go, vibrant colors will dance around you, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. It’s not just an event; it’s a mesmerizing visual feast that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear!

An interesting thing about this wonderful place is that it highlights recreated replicas of iconic landmarks from a variety of global civilizations and cultures adding a touch of exclusivity. Imagine experiencing these places without actually traveling there – Boulevard World brings it all to you.

So, mark your calendars bring your friends and family, and have the time of your life with Boulevard World.

Fire Boat in Jeddah: Waves of Thrills!


Are you an adrenaline junkie like me? Look no further, The Fire Boat adventure happening in Jeddah will give you one crazy wild ride that will fulfill all your thrill and heart-pounding adventures.

This fire Boat adventure in Jeddah set sail on May 6, 2023, and it’s creating a splash! But guess what? You haven’t missed the boat, the excitement is cruising until April 20, 2024.

You’re on a speed jet boat, zooming through the waves of the sea, making 360-degree spins, and diving into the water at lightning speed. Is this something you love? This fireboat adventure is just the right adventure for you.

Whether you’re chasing thrills, seeking adventure, or just wanting a day of aquatic fun, the Fire Boat in Jeddah is your golden ticket.

What’s the wait, gather your crew and, set sail for the thrills. Trust me this experience will be an epic and an unforgettable one!

Ducasse in AlUla: Savor the Art of French Cuisine


Have you ever dreamed of experiencing French dining at its finest, surrounded by the timeless beauty of AlUla’s landscapes? Well, wonder no more because Alain Ducasse, the expert in Michelin-starred cooking, is now serving up his culinary magic in AlUla!

AlUla is an ancient oasis in Medina Province of Saudi Arabia. A region that plays a significant role in the histories of both Islam and various pre-Islamic Semitic civilizations.

AlUla is one of the dream destinations in Saudi Arabia and why wouldn’t it be, this place has its luxury. Alula is a cinematic experience where you can discover a tapestry of stunning, breathtaking views of the landscapes.

Just imagine this a multi-Michelin-starred chef making scrumptious meals amidst AlUla’s stunning scenery, crafting an unforgettable dining experience.

AlUla itself adds its unique charm to the experience. The ancient landscapes, the whispers of history in the wind, and the stunning surroundings make each bite a moment to remember.

The dining ambiance echoes the rich heritage of AlUla, creating an atmosphere that feels like a journey through time.

So, if you’re craving a unique dining experience that blends French flavors with the magic of AlUla, Ducasse is the place to be. The last date for this event is 24th, April 2024.

Enjoy the delicious food, soak in the AlUla vibes, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Bon appétit!

Souq Al-Mawsim: Explore Diriyah’s Culture


Want a taste of traditional Diriyah? Head to Souq Al-Mawsim! From March 2 to March 30, 2024, this lively market is in At-Turaif’s Park. This vibrant market nestled within the scenic At-Turaif Park is your doorway to the authentic heritage of Diriyah.

As you wander through the stalls, you’ll be greeted by a colorful array of locally-grown goodies and one-of-a-kind crafts. It’s more than a market, it’s a living canvas showcasing the essence of Diriyah, from the scents of fresh produce to the handmade wonders of local artisans.

Here’s the fun part – Souq Al-Mawsim is more than just a shopping place, as lively performances and cultural activities fill the air, turning your visit into a lively celebration.


It’s a spot for families and friends, where each corner has a bit of Diriyah’s story.

If you want to turn your Souq Al-Mawsim adventure fun, challenge your companions to find the most Instagram-worthy spot or the quirkiest item on the market. Snap some pics, share your discoveries, and create a mini photo album of your day.

Not only does it add a dash of fun, but you’ll also have a visual keepsake of your time exploring the vibrant stalls. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to make your Souq experience a memorable one.

So, if you’ve ever been curious about the traditions of Diriyah, mark those dates on your calendar, bring along your loved ones, and enjoy this wonderful event.

Adventure Awaits


As we wrap up these exciting events, it’s important to note that Riyadh’s cultural tapestry extends far beyond. The city’s event scene doesn’t end here, it’s a thriving hub with a myriad of experiences waiting to be explored.

Wander through the bustling exhibition center, where the latest developments in various fields are on display, offering a front-row view of innovation and creativity.

In Riyadh, where leadership and growth take center stage, some opportunities go beyond limits, creating a landscape full of possibilities. Look out for events marking the first time experiences, highlighting the city’s innovative spirit.

Stay tuned for updates, for Riyadh is ever-evolving. The city isn’t just a destination, it’s a dynamic showcase of opportunities and progress.

Don’t miss out – visit these events, book your tickets, gather your crew, and let the excitement unfold. Your next great adventure is just a click away!

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