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Six air balloons


Qatar Experiences

Being a nation filled with a rich and vibrant culture, Qatar has a variety of wonderful experiences to be enjoyed. With 365 Adventures unique packages, you can make the most of your time in Qatar and enjoy the nation’s wonderful culture firsthand.

Elevate your experience of Qatar's secret treasure by opting for an Arabic open air picnic setup - Keshta.
Hop on to the Qatari desert safari with your friends and family, let our professional photographer take care of capturing all your special moments.
Splash into a world of excitement and adventure at Meryal Waterpark.
10 AM till sunset time
Choose to stay overnight on the Floating Home, and create your own exclusive, personal travel experience.
The breathtaking views around a yacht sailing in the middle of the Arabian Gulf will make your dreams come true.
Fixed Price
Enjoy an exhilarating flying experience over Qatar’s beautiful mangrove forests at Al Thakira.
60-Minutes Flight%per flight
Enjoy a leisurely time on the Arabian waters with a relaxing cruise on a traditional Dhow and a delicious dinner.

Hot Air Balloon

USD 275
Fulfill your dreams with a hot air balloon ride and see Qatar like you’ve never seen it before.
Watch the fiercely competitive sport of camel racing from the best seats in the house, zooming right alongside the majestic creatures.
Not Available
Enjoy a fantastic menu of food and an excellent selection of drinks suspended 40 meters in the air.
Fully immerse yourself in the local culture and learn about Qatar’s proud traditions and customs.
At the Al Shaqab Racing Academy, experience Qatar’s proud equestrian traditions up close.
Not available
Explore the outskirts of Qatar and and gain an insight into Qatar’s traditional farming legacy with a tour of a local farm.
Stop by Zengo at the Kempinski Residences & Suites to relax in the clouds with a gorgeous view of the West Bay.