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Oman Adventures

Oman Adventures

If you are a true adventurer in heart, Oman has a plethora of thrill-seeking activities waiting for you to experience. Be it mountain-biking and abseiling on Oman’s rugged mountainscape, or plunging into the deep waters of the many turquoise colored pools, snorkeling, ziplining or even dune bashing in Oman’s Wahiba sands, 365 Adventures is here to arrange it all for you.

Step into the past with 365 Adventures and uncover the secrets of Oman’s ghost village under the guidance of Tour Expert, Malik Ahmad Alamri.
Experience the thrill in Oman's Khasab region with the world's longest overwater zipwire – an epic 1,800-meter adventure!
An exhilarating trail at Jebel Akhdar with an expert guide, stunning views, and terraced pomegranates await at the village walk tour by 365 Adventures!
1.5 hours to 2.5 hours
Experience the wonders of Jabal Akhdar under the moonlit sky. A truly magical experience with 365 Adventures’ Outdoor Adventure Expert Malik Ahmad Alamri!
Experience the thrill of mountain biking while immersing yourself in the natural wonders of Jabal Akhdar.
Discover the hidden treasures of Al Hamra through our captivating Heritage Hiking Tour.
Unveil the hidden treasures of the Omani desert through the unmissable Wahiba Wilderness Tour by 365 Adventures.
An offbeat hiking adventure in the heart of Jabal Akhdar Mountain in Oman with 365 Adventure’s leading Outdoor Adventure Expert, Malik Almari Ahmad!