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When Is The Best Time To Visit Qatar? – Everything You Need To Know

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Qatar, one of the Gulf countries located on the Arabian peninsula, is well-known for its hot weather and rare rainy days. This Middle Eastern country is home to miles-long beaches on the Persian Gulf and Instagram-worthy views of sand dunes.

Like any country in the Middle East, Qatar gets very hot during the summer. Many people, including locals, are not open to exploring Doha or the desert during the summer, so it’s essential to pick the right time to explore all the amenities Qatar has to offer.

We advise you to scroll through and see the best time to visit Qatar to fully experience this beautiful country!

When Is the Best Time to Visit Qatar?
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The main thing to keep in mind if you want to visit Qatar is that it has two seasons – hot and cool. Qatar is flat, without mountains or hills, meaning that even the cool season is pleasant.

The hot season starts in April and lasts until mid-November. From May to October, the weather is extremely hot, and the temperatures never go below 32 degrees Celcius, but they can reach well over 42 degrees.

We advise you to skip planning a trip to Qatar during these months because of the hot weather, especially in July, the hottest month of the year. The cool season starts in mid-November and lasts until March.

During the cool season, you can get the most out of the Arabian peninsula and have the time of your life. The temperature is pleasant, and the weather in Qatar is rarely rainy or cloudy, so make sure to plan your trip somewhere from November to March!

When Is the Peak Season in Qatar?
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Keeping in mind that temperatures are off the rack in the summer, the peak season is natural during the winter months. During the winter, the tourists and the citizens of Doha can enjoy the city and the various winter festivals Doha, Qatar, is known for.

The peak season in Qatar is, naturally, from December to February. Still, you can enjoy outdoor activities in November and March, but it can get much hotter during these months. July and August are considered the off-season, as these months are the hottest, and the scorching weather makes it impossible to enjoy outdoor activities.

On the plus side, you can find affordable plane tickets and exceptionally low hotel rates during July and August. Also, you can see that every activity has a heavy discount during the off-season.

The off-season attracts some tourists despite the temperature, allowing them to enjoy a luxury holiday at affordable rates. The weather may be too hot with a possibility of a sandstorm, but if you are looking at a staying-in kind of deal in Qatar, the off-season might be the right time to do so.

What to Do During a Visit to Qatar?

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As you can imagine, every season has its activities the country is known for. Apart from beautiful deserts, Qatar can be very exciting every time of the year.

Wintertime can be a top choice because of the many winter festivals Doha offers. If you wish to explore the city and the country of Qatar, your planned activities must depend on the current season.

Because of that, we will dive into the tourist attractions and great activities for every season below!


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Spring, the season between March and May, has some pretty warm months to enjoy anything you want. Spring is the second-highest season after winter, and you can spend one evening in Souq Waqif, where you can enjoy delicious meals or grab anything, and we mean anything for a small price!



As we have mentioned, summer is the off-season of the country, and it’s not truly popular for sightseeing. The temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celcius, but if you wish to spend a 5-star holiday indoors, summer is a great time to visit Qatar.

During the hot summer months in Qatar, a great way to beat the heat is by visiting numerous malls throughout the country. Villagio, Place Vendome, Doha Festival City, and Mall of Qatar are just a few of the options available, providing an array of shopping choices, indoor entertainment parks, and endless food options. Fun fact : An interesting mall is Villaggio Mall – where you can even ride indoors in a gondola!



September to November is the fall season in Qatar, and the temperatures are pretty warm. You can expect some humidity and occasional rain – which is why this season is not particularly attractive to tourists.

However, if the possibility of rain does not bother you, Qatar can be extremely exciting. In addition to the malls, There are plenty of family-friendly museums like National Museum of Qatar which offers an immersive experience, taking visitors on a journey through the country’s rich history and traditions. The Museum of Islamic Arts boasts an impressive collection of Islamic art from around the world. For sports enthusiasts, the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum is a must-visit attraction. You can also indulge in sightseeing activities at the Al Karana Lagoon. Because there aren’t many tourists, you can enjoy the exclusive restaurants without reserving a table months ahead of your trip!



The busiest season in Qatar would have to be from December to February. Qatar’s winter weather is almost cold, as it’s constantly below 25 degrees Celsius. Winter is the year’s peak season, so be prepared for busy streets and plenty of tourists everywhere you go.

During the winter, you can explore the desert, book all-day trips, and visit Al Zubarah, the only place in Qatar that is a UNESCO-protected heritage site. You can spend time checking out the winter festivals, and if you want to take a day just to relax – Doha has plenty of luxury shops to go shopping in.

Qatar is all about high-end fashion – and you should check that out!

How to Pack for Qatar?

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Every season is the best time to visit Doha, Qatar, as every season brings other activities to life. No matter what season you choose, you should pack lightly and only the lightest, breathable clothes.

If you get particularly cold and want to visit Qatar in the winter, we advise you to bring a light jacket, as it will be more than enough to protect you from the wind, and if you feel overly cold quite easily – then go ahead and bring a sweater or two. Light clothes will allow your skin to breathe in scorching hot weather, but a light sweater for indoors might be needed too.

Every place is air-conditioned to make it more comfortable for guests and workers, so you can expect to feel a bit chilly inside malls and hotels. The key point to remember is that Gulf countries such as Qatar require modest clothing in the streets.

Women should refrain from wearing short or tight dresses in Qatar. Also, packing a scarf if you visit a mosque is a good idea, as you cannot enter a mosque without covering your hair. If you forget, don’t worry many large mosques have a spare abaya for tourists.

Tourists are expected to respect the local values and religion, which is why they are expected to dress modestly and cover up in general. This rule may seem like it only applies to women, but it applies to everyone – the men are expected to dress modestly without short shorts, too!

Long, loose-fitting clothing is the best option for Qatar and other countries in the Persian Gulf.

What to Expect if You Visit Qatar during Ramadan?

Ramadan in Qatar

For anyone very intrigued by culture, this is the perfect time for you to visit Qatar – you can learn and experience the unique traditions and practices of Ramadan, the Holy Month of fasting and spiritual reflection observed by Muslims worldwide.

If you want to book your vacation during Ramadan, you should keep in mind that Qatar is slightly different during this time and may require you to behave a bit differently, too.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a month-long period of reflection for Muslims, and tourists must respect the local customs during Ramadan. Muslims spend Ramadan without eating or drinking from dusk till dawn every day for a month, and tourists are expected to refrain from eating or drinking in public during Ramadan.

Also, being affectionate in public with your partner is frowned upon. Moreover, while we did mention that you need to dress modestly, you should dress even more modestly during Ramadan – it is almost required.

Commonly, shops and tourist attractions are closed during the day and open only during the evenings – but you should check in advance. Many local businesses change their hours during Ramadan.

In reality, there is no reason to skip visiting Qatar during Ramadan. Picking out this time can allow you to participate in Iftar in Doha – the fast evening break and festivities that sometimes last until sunrise!

Keep in mind that Qatar is more conservative than UAE, so most hotels have covered dining areas. However, there is no reason why Ramadan isn’t the best time to visit this beautiful country.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are well informed about the best time to visit Qatar during the year, it’s high time to book that trip. Keep in mind the local customs and plan your activities to have enough time to see everything you hope to see.

Qatar has a lot of things to do, and Doha is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hot and rich, it can be your first luxury holiday ever, thanks to the off-season in the middle of summer!

Have a great trip!

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